12 productivity-boosting and cost-cutting features to supercharge your marketing ROI

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Global Content Director at Insider, the all-in-one martech platform, Katie Leask has compiled 12 of their productivity-boosting and cost-cutting features to help you supercharge your marketing ROI.

There’s no doubt it’s been a rough year for B2C marketers. With the skyrocketing costs of getting new customers on board and people tightening their wallets, marketers are feeling the heat to find smarter, more efficient ways to engage and convert their audience.

At Insider, they love nothing more than helping marketers accomplish their goals more efficiently and at lower costs. That’s why they’ve been working hard to build an extensive suite of productivity-boosting, cost-cutting features to help you improve your performance and optimise your marketing spend, including:

  • Being more productive with centralised data management, a pre-built template library, drag-and-drop email builders, and AI-powered Winner Autoselection for A/B testing.
  • Cutting costs with hyper-relevant content targeting, streamlined remarketing strategies, and Next Best Channel.
  • Improving ROI with AI-generated predictive segmentation, personalised search experiences with Eureka, conversational commerce on WhatsApp, advanced onsite experiments, and cross-channel customer journey orchestration via Architect.

Insider is an all-in-one martech platform that helps more than 1,200 brands worldwide work smarter—not harder—to deliver hyper-personalised experiences that boost conversion rates and lower acquisition costs.

Coming up are 12 key Insider features you’d be mad not to add to your marketing toolbox this year.

Be more productive

1. Centralised customer data management

Insider unifies all your customer data (across multiple martech platforms) to create a single source of truth. We’ve built a trusted ecosystem of connectors and integrations designed to help brands do more with their existing tech stack from within Insider’s intuitive interface.

Instead of switching between multiple platforms and applications, Insider allows you to access all the connected platforms from a single interface. This eliminates the need to log in and navigate different websites or apps, saving you time and effort. It also has a huge, positive impact on your customer experience—marketers can deliver state-of-the-art CX, regardless of the channel, by centralising the data.

2. 120+ pre-built template library for quick and efficient campaign creation

Insider ensures campaign creation and launch are smooth with a ready-made template library packed full of pre-approved assets, significantly reducing the time taken to create new campaigns. Marketers can easily find the template that works best by filtering them based on business goals, target platforms, display types, and more. What’s more, Insider’s team continuously adds and optimises each template for every industry and business goal, so you’ll always have the latest templates to work from.

Insider 1

3. Drag-and-drop builder supercharges email creation time

Insider’s drag-and-drop editor makes creating and launching emails quick and easy. Users can build on a default template by dragging and dropping elements to quickly design emails—without needing CSS or HTML skills.

Users can choose a layout, add content blocks, and make brand style adjustments effortlessly. In-line content editing enables users to add or update content by clicking on it and typing directly. The editor also provides in-editor image editing, allowing users to resize, add elements, and modify images.

Alternatively, users can use the in-line HTML editor to build a custom email template from scratch.

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4. AI-powered winner selection saves time and optimises testing outcomes

With Insider’s A/B Winner Autoselection, you can authorise their AI-backed platform to select and direct users automatically to the winning A/B test variation, based on your selected metrics.

Insider saves you time manually checking the performance of A/B tests by letting machine learning determine the best path for you—freeing you and your team up to focus on other tasks.

Cut costs and reduce wasted spend

5. Hyper-relevant content targeting removes wasted spend

Insider offers content personalisation based on a number of different factors, such as demographics, traffic source, location, previous shopping history, brand affinity, and more.

Insider’s hyper-relevant targeting capabilities help brands reduce costs by creating focused content that helps marketers run laser-focussed campaigns—avoiding wasted spending on customers who aren’t interested. By targeting AI-based segments of users with relevant, timely, and contextual content, you increase the likelihood of them doing business with you.

For example, you can increase the conversion rate of VIP users by creating customised welcome pages highlighting high-value products, offering them a unique service to make them feel special and increase their likelihood of purchasing.

6. Streamlined remarketing strategies help cut costs

By leveraging the power of AI, Insider’s cross-channel journey orchestrator, Architect, helps businesses understand user behaviour, preferences, and intent, allowing for the creation of highly targeted remarketing campaigns.

Businesses can easily leverage all of Insider’s segments and triggers to define and orchestrate their remarketing efforts to build and set up remarketing audience segments, define triggers and events, and design personalised messages that resonate with their target audience on their preferred channels.

In short, Architect helps brands identify where customers are in their journey and how best to retarget them, helping to reduce wasted spend on inefficient retargeting campaigns.

Insider 3

7. Next Best Channel optimises campaign performance

Insider’s Next Best Channel feature automates marketing decisions by leveraging strong data analytics functions, deciding the next best channel option for engaging each user. ‘Best’ relates to the highest possibility of engagement among the specified channels.

This AI-based strategy increases your chances of success based on clear, hard data, helping you remove wasted spend on channels or experiences that don’t resonate with your customers based on their current touchpoint.
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Improve CVR and increase your ROI

8. AI-generated predictive segments increase ROAS

Insider empowers brands to increase ROAS by delivering hyper-relevant messages across Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, and Google Display Network. Insider’s AI-generated segments help you personalise your ad campaigns based on predictive segments, including likelihood to churn, likelihood to purchase, discount affinity, and much more.

AI-generated segments help you avoid wasted spend by targeting the right user at the right time with the right message. Insider’s predictive, AI-based audiences help you build ad campaigns that perform at a lower cost thanks to effective, relevant targeting.

9. Eureka helps customers discover products fast

Improve product discovery with Eureka, a product discovery platform that allows you to curate intelligent, relevant, and fast search experiences so your customers find the right product at the right time depending on their intent.

Eureka is Insider’s AI-powered search and merchandising platform, which enables you to increase clickthrough rates and conversions by tailoring products based on your customer’s behaviour and intent.

10. WhatsApp Commerce enables conversational buying

WhatsApp Commerce is a powerful new capability for brands to build two-way conversational buying experiences for their customers. It allows brands to engage with their audience on the channel where they spend the most time and in the same style as chatting with friends and family. WhatsApp Commerce allows brands to build experiences directly within the WhatsApp interface, allowing customers to discover, browse, and buy without leaving the app.

It also offers brands a platform for handling scalable, compelling, and conversational marketing through templates and automation—all directly through one of the most popular apps on Earth.
Insider 5

11. Advanced experimentation on web and app help increase conversions

Insider’s experimentation feature for app (Content Optimiser) and web (Onsite Experiments) lets brands experiment, personalise, optimise, and test without the need for development knowledge. By simplifying the testing process and reducing the need for code, Insider helps turn your marketing and eCommerce teams into ROI-driving machines.

Insider’s experimentation features allow you to:

  • Change CTAs, text, images, or entire layouts on desktop and mobile
  • Test new ideas without the need for dev support
  • Create A/B tests by updating the existing elements on your website to see which group performs better
  • And improve and personalise the user experience on your website in seconds.

Insider 6

12. Architect enables personalisation at scale

Insider’s customer journey orchestration tool, Architect, empowers brands to maximise the value of their marketing efforts by delivering seamless and personalised experiences across push, onsite, in-app, email, WhatsApp, Facebook, TikTok, SMS, and more.

Using AI-based segmentation, Architect helps brands build campaigns and messaging that resonate with their target audience, improving ROI by delivering hyper-personalisation at scale.

Join Insider and enjoy superfast integration and implementation

As marketers themselves, Insider knows you can’t afford to experience downtime. That’s why they offer super lightweight Javascript and SDKs that easily integrate with your web or app in minutes.

No two customers are the same, so neither are any two implementation processes. That’s why once Insider know what’s most important to your business, their technical team builds a personalised integration plan that prioritises your needs rather than following a set pattern. There’s no ‘one sise fits all’ approach with us. That way, the tools you need most urgently will be the ones you get access to first.

Ready to find out more?

If you’d like to learn more about how Insider’s productivity-boosting and cost-cutting features can level up your business, book a demo with them today. Insider would love to show you how they do things.

This article was originally posted on Insider by Global Content Director at Insider, Katie Leask. You can find the original article here. 

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