20 Questions with Josh Howard, Founder and CEO of Single Use Ain’t Sexy

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Josh Howard founded Single Use Ain't Sexy in 2020 in an effort to get Australian consumers to rethink their plastic consumption choices. We asked him 20 questions to find out more about the CEO's daily life, what inspires him and his definitions of success.

1. What inspired you to enter the e-commerce industry?

The mission behind our sustainable hand soap tablet business ‘Single Use Ain’t Sexy’, which is to save five million single-use plastic soap bottles from landfills (and we’re on our way!)

2. What do you enjoy most about this industry?

I love how it embraces innovation, creativity & newness. It suits the nature of our brand perfectly.

3. What did you want to be when you grew up?

Without really knowing what I wanted to do, I was one of those kids who just couldn’t wait to be an adult.

4. How do you define success?

Success means freedom to me. I’m happiest when I’m in charge of myself, which is why being an entrepreneur suits my personality really well.

5. Do you enjoy online shopping? Why?

I love the immediacy of the online shopping experience – can you tell I’m impatient?!

6. What was the last thing you bought online?

a) Did you add express shipping?

A mattress, which arrived within a day by regular post – I was very impressed.

7. What are three words that best describe you?

Passionate, determined & fun.

8. Did you have a childhood hero?

I loved tennis so Pat Rafter was my idol.

9. What’s your favourite joke?

That’s top secret, I don’t laugh and tell 🙂

10. What was your first job?

At 13 I worked at The Australian Open as a Court Service Attendant, giving drinks and towels to the players – it was so much fun.

11. What has been the proudest moment in your career?

Getting ‘Single Use Ain’t Sexy’ off the ground & into homes all across Australia! The way our dissolving hand soap tablets & reusable glass dispensers have been embraced by the Aussie community has been amazing.

12. Looking at where you are now, did you expect to be in this position when you were 25?

Good question! I’ve always known I wanted my own businesses but that was eight years ago now and I was still working in TV, probably unsure of exactly how I saw it all panning out.

13. Are you binge-watching any TV shows right now?

Nine Perfect Strangers – and it just got weird, very weird.

14. Have you picked up any new hobbies in lockdown?

I’ve gotten really into bike riding actually. I have a Lekker e-bike and it’s been the highlight of my lockdown – riding it is the best feeling of freedom, that thing goes fast.

15. Do you have any secret talents?

Yes, I’m really good at knowing what I’m not good at – it’s a real talent!

16. What is your most used App on your phone?


17. What is your favourite part about your job?

I love having the creative freedom to execute ideas without asking for permission.

18. What’s your favourite ad on TV right now?

I don’t really watch TV, but my favourite ad right now is our ‘Don’t Be A Tosser’ billboard in Melbourne – you can’t miss it!

19. How do you unwind after a long day?

A good workout always does the trick for me – Usually, that includes either boxing, the gym, running, yoga or going for a swim. I’m happy whenever I can break a sweat.

20. Is there any advice you’d give your 16-year-old self?

Being an adult is as fun as you expected it would be 🙂

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