60 Years Young: Hush Puppies’ Secrets to Success

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Since 1958, Hush Puppies has remained nimble, relying on tradition while evolving with the times to give its consumers what they want.

This year marks Hush Puppies’ 60th Birthday. That’s no small feat for a global brand in the current retail environment, where being a household name or cultural icon does offers little in the way of protection of longevity. Within the Australian market, Hush Puppies has seen 45 percent revenue growth over the last three years within their multi-branded retail network and 13 percent growth year-on-year in their wholesale channels.

So, how has Hush Puppies remained nimble in a shifting retail environment over the last 60 years? “We have made sure that we always have a key point of difference in our brand which really evolves around our worldwide patented technologies,” says Charlene Perera, Australia Brand Manager for Hush Puppies. “We have always stayed very close and true to our customers as they have evolved through the decades, always providing them with that they are looking for and more.”

With bricks-and-mortar stores shutting across the board, Hush Puppies actually has a growth strategy in terms of retail. “Whilst retailers close down left right and centre, we are really excited about the momentum this brand has been building over the last 12 months and look forward to opening more retail stores soon,” Perera tells us.

But its focus on in-store doesn’t mean it’s taking its eyes off online. “The arrival of Amazon has been very exciting for us. It will allow us to share and showcase our brand to new audiences,” Perera says. “No matter how big or small, businesses should be jumping on the opportunity to represent their assortment with this major and trusted player. You can’t ignore the evidence and facts of our American counterparts.”

In terms of elements that e-commerce retailers need to focus on, Hush Puppies believes in the power of content. “Ensuring that as a brand, we have constant, relevant content updating our consumers to keep them entertained, engaged and informed,” Perera explains.

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