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Accent Group’s Digital Sales Soar 150% During Lockdown

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By Published On: June 25, 20200 Comments

Accent Group was well placed when disaster struck, which has driven online sales up 150 percent from April to June, even as the COVID-19 shutdown took place. 

Accent Group released its FY2020 Trading Update this morning, sharing its robust digital growth during the pandemic.

During the shutdown, Accent Group upped its digital offering, ‘ahead of expectations’.

Accent Group’s brands include Platypus, Stylerunner, The Athlete’s Foot, Hype D.C and many others.

During lockdown, there has been an increasing interest in fitness – as such, there has been an uplift in athleticwear and fitness products, of which Accent Group has taken advantage.

Stylerunner and The Athlete’s Foot saw an uplift in sales as the trend for activewear continued throughout the pandemic.

In June, Accent Group’s online sales surged more than 150 percent, with sale sin May hitting a daily record of $2 million during Click Frenzy.

Digital sales for May were $29 million – the strong digital sales continued into June. Digital sales in June account for 23 percent of all sales at Accent Group, the company said.

“The strong trading performance over the last two months driven by digital has been well ahead of expectations. With 18 websites and our leading digital capability, Accent Group is capitalising on this trend,” said Daniell Agostinelli, the Chief Executive of Accent Group.

“Through this period, Accent has attracted many new customers online who have never shopped with us before. We will continue to drive digital growth as the number one priority in our company.”

While the Group closed all of its stores on 27 March, all of them re-opened by mid-May. These stores ‘bounced back’ quickly across Australia and New Zealand, but if the Grop cannot reach a ‘fair’ understanding with landlords for rent, they will close stores.

“We are committed to maintaining our position as the largest multi-channel footwear retailer in our market,” Agostinelli said. “The mix of Accent’s superior digital capacity and the magic of our stores gives us a key competitive advantage, but it is important that we reach agreement with our landlords for sustainable and fair rental deals.”

While the pandemic continues across Australia, the Group will continue to engage and further increase its digital offering.

Accent Group has built its digital infrastructure over the last three years, which has ensured that consumer numbers and deliveries could be managed, even when an unprecedented event occurs, such as the 2020 pandemic.

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