Adore Beauty Appoints Mostly Female Non-Executive Directors

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Adore Beauty has appointed Lisa Hennessy as an Independent Non-Executive Director. This appointment now completes the business' Board renewal process.

Adore Beauty is now comprised of mostly independent Non-Executive Directors.

Her previous experience includes non-executive director roles across private, listed and non-profit organisations, and is currently the Lead Independent and Non-Executive Director of Nitro Software Limited and the Non-Executive Director of Cleanspace Holdings Limited.

Prior to her current roles, Hennessy has held executive roles across businesses including Bain, General Electric, and Del Monte Foods, spanning Australia, the US and EMEA.

Hennessy will be appointed Chair of the People and Remuneration Committee, replacing co-founder James Height as a member of the Audit and Risk Management Committee.

As she replaces James Height in the Audit and Risk Management Committee, she will join Chair Sandra Birkensleigh, and Marina Go, Adore Beauty Chair. Moreover, the People and Remuneration Committee comprises Sandra Birkensleigh and co-founder, Kate Morris.

“Lisa brings extensive growth strategy and M&A expertise to Adore and we look forward to welcoming her to the Board,” said Marina Go. “The Board is committed to best practice governance, ensuring a strong membership and a broad mix of skills, knowledge, experience and diversity as part of its ongoing renewal and succession planning.

“Lisa has a successful non-executive and executive career and her vast experience further strengthens and complements the skills and expertise of current Board members,” Go continued.

Hennessy will stand for election at the Company’s Anual General Meeting, which is set to be held in November 2022.

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