Adore Beauty Delivers a Strong Start to FY22

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Adore Beauty is reporting a strong start to FY22 and is continuing to benefit from the shift to online as e-commerce sales skyrocket.

In the first quarter of FY22, the online beauty retailer is reporting an increase of 25 percent on PCP to $63.8 million. Furthermore, the retailer has increased its Active Customer base by 25 percent, now accumulating 874,000.  Strong customer retention was another highlight for the retailer, securing a 63 percent increase in return customer growth on PCP.

“Adore Beauty has continued to deliver strong growth in sales revenue, active customers and returning customer numbers during the quarter,” shared Tennealle O’Shannessy, the CEO of Adore Beauty.

“Over the last 12 months, our loyal returning customers grew 63 percent, providing a strong foundation for future growth. Our returning customers become more valuable each year they spend on the platform, increasing both their basket size and order frequency over time.”

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Looking to the future, Adore Beauty will continue to expand its online offering, scaling its native App, loyalty program – Adore Society, plus further development of its product range. Throughout the first quarter, Adore Beauty’s podcast, Beauty IQ, surpassed three million downloads.

“We continue to leverage our content strategy to drive brand awareness and discovery, and we are reinvesting in the business to accelerate our growth trajectory within a large and growing $11 billion market,” said O’Shannessy. “It has been a pleasing start to FY22 and we look forward to continuing to execute on the exciting initiatives that will see Adore cement our online market leadership in the beauty category.”

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