Adore Beauty Launches First Private Label as Key Strategy Move

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As one of the five key initiatives for further online growth, Adore Beauty has launched its first private label product - Viviology. 

The independent, standalone brand from Adore Beauty is the first private label product for the pureplay retailer.

This collaboration is set to be a strategic move to drive long-term growth and profitability for Adore Beauty, as well as introduce a new customer audience to the pureplay retailer. The product in question is named Viviology, a cosmeceutical skincare range with six SKUs. It was created in collaboration with the dermal therapist, James Vivian.

Prices range from $35-$55 and will be exclusively available on the retailer’s website and in Vivian’s Toorak clinic. Vivian is contracted under Viviology under a long-term collaboration agreement and will receive royalty payments.

This is the first of two private-label products expected to launch this year, with the second debuting in the second quarter of FY23.


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“Incubator brands are key to our broader private label strategy, enabling us to partner with industry experts to effectively build independent, standalone B2C brands which address gaps in the market and offer a path for international expansion,” shared Kate Morris, the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Adore Beauty.

“Viviology leverages James Vivian’s extensive skin expertise and reputation to offer consumers accessible, high-performance skincare products. The initial product range provides consumers with everything they need in a skincare routine while making self-selection easy.”

The SKUs in this new private-label product include a Vitamin C serum, retinol serum, foaming cleanser, ceramide moisturiser, liquid exfoliant and niacinamide + HA serum.

According to Morris, cosmeceuticals perform well at Adore Beauty, “but product offerings in the category tend to be designed primarily for clinics and therefore not easy for consumers to self-select,” she said. “Viviology is designed to improve the accessibility of high-performance skincare and introduce new consumers to the category.”

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