Adore Beauty’s Strategy for Cutting Out 235 Kilos of Waste a Week

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The Founder and Director of Adore Beauty explains how the beauty brand reduced packaging waste by 235 kilos a week.

Kate Morris took to LinkedIn on Monday to share the company’s recent achievement of reducing the amount of cardboard used in its packaging materials by 235 kilos per week. According to the retail founder, this equates to more than 12 tonnes per year.

“I feel like we are making a difference to the #waronwaste,” she said in her post. “This is way more impact than I thought we could ever have.”

So, what did the brand do to achieve this reduction in waste?

According to Morris, making the shift to smaller boxes for online orders was all it took.

“We’ve always been very conscious of trying to be environmentally friendly – we use recycled/recyclable paper to pad our boxes, for example, and we avoid bubble wrap as much as possible.  We were looking for a new warehouse management system (WMS) so one of the key features we wanted was the ability to calculate the required box size for each order, so that we could introduce smaller boxes,” she tells Power Retail.

The company has also introduced new reporting software that allows the business to track the use of each size box, which Morris says has been enlightening, with more orders being shipped out in the smaller box sizes.

While Morris says Adore Beauty hasn’t changed its packaging process to gain branding “brownie points”, she does think the reduced environmental impact is something that’s important to consumers.

“I personally can’t stand it when I shop online and a tiny product comes in a massive box, so I hope our customers will appreciate our efforts,” she says.

“Saving over 12 tonnes of cardboard a year (and more as we grow) is pretty significant! I read a statistic that for every tonne of cardboard, we save 17 mature trees – not too mention all the energy required to transform trees into cardboard, and then to recycle the cardboard afterwards.”

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