Adzurra Helps Fashion Lovers Connect to New Stores

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Fashion lovers can find the pieces of clothing that they're after in an easier way with Adzurra - a mobile app that aims to streamline the shopping experience for millennials.

The fashion marketplace is designed to connect shoppers with ‘on-trend’ and ‘Instagrammable’ fashion that’s sold by local boutiques, online and in-store. Based on the Gold Coast, Adzurra aims to give millennial shoppers (aged 20-35) a ‘seamless’ platform to help them shop online and also ‘discover local fashion in their own city’.

Using a geolocation feature, users have access to the hundreds of sales that are live throughout the stores and discover niche products. “The reason behind the geolocation tool was to give shoppers the ability to see what type of clothes were available to them in-store, in their own city or when they travel. Seventy per cent of millennials actually still prefer to purchase in-store, and we wanted to create this amazing feature where if you hopped off on a place in a new city, you could log into Adzurra and find all the cool local boutiques in the area,” explained Adzurra’s CEO, Sharine Duran.

Its database is growing since its inception and received seed funding in late 2017. The tech startup was accepted into Australian Landing Pad Program by Austrade, which moved the company to Israel for three months.

Aside from its customer-facing fashion app, Adzurra also relies on the ‘seamless integration’ from Shopify’s stores to list its products on the marketplace.

“Adzurra incorporates many technological features to enhance the shopper’s and stores experience. From geolocation services to help shoppers find local stores to fully automated integration with an online store’s inventory management system, we’re trying to incorporate scalable features that will add value to our clients and consumers moving forward. Seventy-seven per cent of Shopify stores attract traffic by mobile, so Adzurra is trying to pave the way forward for a seamless mobile shopping experience without the hassle of manual inventory processes and warehousing,” explained Luke Donnel, Adzurra’s software developer.

Adzurra is available for download on any Android device on Google Play, and will soon be available via iOS.

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