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eBay has introduced Afterpay across 40,000 businesses. This aims to increase awareness of Australia's online SMEs to millions of new customers across the globe. 

This partnership aims to respond to the increased customer demand for Afterpay while shopping via the online marketplace, ‘at no extra cost’.

“Especially today, Aussies are relying on eBay to get what they need, in one place at great value. Now they can use Afterpay to responsibly manage their personal finances,” said Tim MacKinnon, eBay Australia’s Managing Director. “Australian businesses need all the support they can get right now and offering Afterpay could be what makes or breaks a sale. We are not passing on the cost to our sellers. This follows the launch of our seller stimulus package where we’re offering existing eBay businesses deferred fees and no selling fees for three months to new businesses joining the platform.”

In the last few weeks, there has been exceeding demand for shoppers who require online shopping but can’t afford to purchase the items while in isolation. Some of the categories that have seen an uptake in popularity include computer monitors, which has increased by 182 percent; and dumbbells by 854 percent. Paint by numbers sales have increased by a ‘massive’ 3,746 percent –  this comes “as people aim to keep their bodies and minds active during isolation,” the statement read.

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“The partnership between eBay and Afterpay comes at such a crucial time, where Australians are wanting more control over their budget and to avoid high-interest debt traps. It’s also just in time to help small businesses. Two in three Afterpay merchants believe it provides them access to new customers, so we are confident the tool will help small and medium businesses navigate these challenging headwinds,” said Anthony Eisen, CEO and co-founder of Afterpay.

“Our partnership with eBay represents our largest online arrangement to date – Afterpay will be available on items from everyday essentials, to homewares, tech and even pre-owned items delivered to millions of customers.”

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