AI-Powered Commerce: Beyond “Personalisation” and Towards “Individualisation”

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We speak with Adobe to find out why you need to leverage AI now and how St. Frock achieved 100 percent year-on-year growth.

Meet Jen – a 50 year old executive based in Singapore. 

Sure, you could try and “capture” Jen or you could really get to know her, find out what she likes, how she likes to shop and what she’s looking for. Not what she wanted yesterday, but what she wants now. 

With the data and capabilities at your fingertips, now is the time to act (because your competitors sure are). 

Stay tuned because we’ll share how, as well as real e-commerce success stories.

Beyond Personalisation: Humans & AI Working Together 

Consumers are heading online like never before, whether it’s the pandemic push or digital natives who have grown up with e-commerce as the norm. And for many online retailers, intelligent commerce and personalisation is a huge part of their strategy moving forward. 

“We will pull multiple data sources together to have the best understanding of what to offer our customer next and we will then use AI to write the code for that experience on the fly in milliseconds,” Scott Rigby, Chief Technology Advisor at Adobe tells us. 

It seems contradictory, but AI is actually about putting the ‘human’ element back into business. 

But what about retailers that don’t make these kinds of investments now? They won’t be able to use AI to best deliver into the market at speed and scale.

Adobe’s Top 3 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of AI 

  1. Start your AI journey (if you haven’t already!) 
  2. Invest in a suite of pre-integrated technologies from a single vendor. (This will give you not only a lower cost of ownership, but also data from across your customer channels.) 
  3. At no time in the past has the level of disruption been so fast, nor will it ever be again! 

How Fashion Brand St. Frock Drove 100% Y/o/Y Growth 

Like many e-commerce success stories, St. Frock came from humble beginnings. One stormy night, the brand launched its Facebook fan page, with a few dodgy images and zero expectations. 

In 2017, St. Frock partnered with Adobe and then moved to Adobe Commerce Cloud in 2018 to scale their e-commerce operations. 

Since then, St. Frock has leveraged AI such as Adobe Sensei to get: 

  • AI recommendations based on customer behaviours and image matching
  • AI recommendations for best-selling products based on new user behaviour, returning user recognition and suggestions based on previous purchases 

What were the results? 

St. Frock achieved: 

  • 100% year on year growth 
  • 15% increase in pages per session 
  • 26% increase in dwell time 
  • 18% decrease in abandonment rate 

This also led to an increased Average Order Value through cross-selling adjacent products as well as impulse buys through the added accessories ‘add the finishing touch’ block on the minicart. Again, based on predictive preference, this led to a total increase of 25% year on year. 

Finally, through adding this widget to the checkout process, they saw an 8% return to shopping rate post order confirmation, and 1% of these customers converted to repurchase, alongside 30% of the total revisitors coming back within seven days of order confirmation.

St. Frock’s Top 3 Tips For E-commerce Success 

  1. Take your CFO on the journey early. It makes it faster to get things approved if they believe in it too. 
  2. Use A/B testing tech so you can continually test new site experiences before putting money down on development. 
  3. Build awesome relationships with all your partners. If things get tough you want to be able to call on them and know they have your back. 

For more practical e-commerce tips, check out the full AI-Powered Commerce whitepaper here.

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