ALDImania: ALDI Launches Clothing Collection

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Shoppers rejecting the supermarket duopoly of Coles and Woolworths can proudly wear their ALDI allegiance on their sleeves, literally!

ALDI Australia has unveiled its first-ever own branded streetwear collection. Dubbed “ALDImania”, the supermarket says this collection will have customers, “serving effortlessly chic, casual looks for less.”

The limited edition collection features 23 items all under $20. All items  including slides, bucket hats and beanies, fleece hoodies, sneakers, mugs, trackpants, socks, and even an umbrella all featuring ALDI’s distinctive branding. 

ALDI Australia’s Buying Director for ALDImania, Belinda Grice, says: “We have been offering our shoppers high-quality, affordable loungewear for years, but this is the first time we’ve brought our own brand of leisurewear to the middle aisles.”

“Designed to celebrate and champion our shoppers, this new range is made specifically with ALDI budgets in mind, without compromising on quality or comfort.”

This unique collection that contains sustainably sourced or recycled materials, has been crafted to create a mix-and-match aesthetic, so customers can inject their own sense of styling around the range!”

“We love the excitement and enthusiasm our shoppers have and look forward to seeing them share this passion on the outside with our first ALDImania collection.”

The collection will be available in store only from April 13, for a limited time only. The supermarket chain are yet to foray into the ecommerce realm with ALDI confirming an ecommerce expansion won’t be happening any time soon as it continues to focus on keeping grocery prices down for the consumer. 

“One of the major ways we are able to offer the highest quality groceries at the lowest prices is our streamlined business model that is focused on simplicity,” said ALDI corporate affairs representative Adrian Christie last year. “While we are always looking at the environment and considering an online experience, we won’t bring this forward until we have a model where associated overheads of ecommerce in no way compromises our ability to deliver low priced groceries to Australians.”

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  1. Hamish McGeach April 13, 2024 at 10:09 AM - Reply

    Another shameful Aldi copyright rip off., this time it’s the Adidas logo.

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