Alibaba to Accelerate Digital Transformation With A100 Program

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Alibaba Group has announced the launch of its strategic partnership program, A100.

In a bid to continue improving its capabilities outside of the straight e-commerce space, Alibaba has announced its latest solution to help digital and cross-channel brands strengthen their online presence.

At the inaugural Alibaba ONE Business Conference in Hangzhou, the business told attendees that A100 would be a strategic partnership program that offers companies a holistic one-stop solution to accelerate their digital transformation.

“The A100 initiative will be a one-stop shop for businesses to access a comprehensive range of enterprise services in the digital era,” said Daniel Zhang, CEO of Alibaba Group.

“Synergies generated by our ecosystem are creating new avenues for sales and distribution, and catalysing product innovation to capture opportunities,” he continued.

As part of the A100 announcement, Alibaba also showcased its Alibaba Operating System, which will power the A100 initiative. Dubbed as part of Alibaba’s natural progression from e-commerce provider to “integrated global technology company”, the Alibaba Operating System is the latest example of the business’s cloud computing capabilities and commitment towards executing its ‘New Retail’ strategy.

The pioneer of New Retail, Alibaba has also boasted the success of its digitally-savvy approach to retail, claiming more than 1,200 brands have digitised and upgraded their operations with Alibaba. This equates to 200,000 offline stores embracing the new era of retail by upgrading to “smart stores”.

L’Oreal is a prime example of a business operating under Alibaba’s ‘New Retail’ principles. For instance, during last year’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival, L’Oreal Group shipped two million ‘green parcels’ that were made from and packaged with paper-based, renewable and recyclable filling materials to customers across the world.

Chinese-based consumer goods leasing business, Easyhome, also generated RMB12 billion in sales during the online marketplace’s most recent shopping festival, claiming Alibaba’s digital consumer intelligence identified 20 million potential customers for the brand. Of these, Easyhome was able to reach three million, with one-quarter of them successfully converting into members.

According to Zhang, this isn’t surprising because Alibaba’s network has given retailers and business owners access to “600 million active users… capitalising on growing consumption of China’s middle-class”.

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