Amazon Opens Australian Marketplace to Indian Sellers

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After a successful trial, Amazon has decided to open its Australian marketplace to Indian sellers; a move that could help it compete with Flipkart.

Indian merchants that are part of Amazon’s global selling program are now able to sell products on the e-commerce giant’s Australian marketplace.

“Our Indian sellers can now sell on the Amazon Australia marketplace, expanding their international exposure to reach highly engaged online consumers from Australia,” Amazon’s Vice President of International Marketplaces and Retail, Eric Broussard told the Press Trust of India (PTI).

With the addition of Australia, Indian merchants can now access 11 international marketplaces, including the likes of Japan, Canada, and the UK, as well as France and the US, to name a few.

According to Broussard, 60 Indian sellers are already active on the Australian marketplace, after taking part in a successful trial last month.

Since Amazon’s Global Selling Program Launched in India in May 2015, the platform has grown to include 32,000 local sellers – more than double the number form only 12 months earlier.

Amazon's Indian branch

Three years since the launch of Amazon in India, the e-commerce giant opens the Australian marketplace to Indian sellers.

As the country’s demand for online retail grows, and businesses like Amazon broaden the reach of Indian sellers, it’s expected the number of products being exported from India to a global network of shoppers will continue to grow.

In 2017, Amazon’s Indian sellers reportedly experienced a profit growth of 200 percent, while the number of Indian sellers accessing Amazon’s marketplace also increased by 224 percent during the same period.

Some of the most popular products that have been exported globally from sellers in India, and are expected to hit the Australian version of the site over the coming weeks and months, includes home décor, leather messenger bags, and art supplies.

In the last year, Amazon’s cross-border sales made by small and medium-sized businesses grew by more than 50 percent, with global exports also increasing by 30 percent.

“Selling globally across Amazon’s international marketplaces has allowed businesses to reach hundreds of millions of potential new customers. Sales from SMBs selling cross-border represent more than 25 percent of Amazon seller sales,” Broussard said.

This move comes as India’s other major e-commerce player, Flipkart, is locked in negotiations with both Amazon and Walmart over the future of the company. Just last year, Flipkart launched its own version of a global selling program in partnership with eBay.

If, as insiders suggest, a deal between Flipkart and Walmart progresses, Amazon could face even stiffer competition in the Indian e-commerce sphere, making expansions to its global network in the region even more important.

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