Amazon Expands Keyless Delivery to Garages

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Amazon has revealed its plans to expand its keyless delivery options for customers in the US, with a series of updates to the popular service set to evolve the way the e-commerce giant fulfills orders.

It’s no secret that Amazon’s delivery services in its base-US market are spades ahead of its strides in the Australian online sector. For instance, the arrival of what was then dubbed Key By Amazon in 2018 saw consumer parcels being safely delivered to homes and cars, regardless of whether the purchaser was present. In Australia, this system is more convoluted, with most retailers requiring a signature on delivery, and others leaving parcels unattended at properties. While there’s been no indication of Amazon revising its current two-day delivery for Prime members down under, which is a stock-standard offer that’s available in markets across the globe, it has announced new updates to its US delivery service.

“For the past year, we’ve been thrilled to see how customers have benefited from Key by Amazon. We started with the idea of in-home package delivery and quickly learned that our customers found peace of mind and delight from the control Key gives them over their most important place—their homes—even when they aren’t there themselves,” said Rohit Shrivastava, GM of Key by Amazon.

First up, is a rebranding of the keyless delivery service from Key By Amazon to the more succinct Amazon Key, which better aligns with the company’s other aptly named offerings, such as Amazon Showroom, Amazon Prime, and so forth.

However, most notable are the updates to the actual service offering and scope of the convenient delivery solution. As part of the revised program, shoppers will be able to have products safely and securely delivered to their car, home, and now their garage. Using the Amazon Key app, consumers will reportedly be able to monitor their garage door and accept deliveries whether they’re at work, at the shops, or just too lazy to get off the couch. Much like the in-car and home delivery process, Key for Garage was developed by integrating the Key app with CGI’s myQ-connected technology.

“Prime members now have a new secure delivery option for all of their purchases, and all customers can enjoy complete control over their garage, one of the home’s primary access points,” said President and COO of CGI, Jeff Meredith.

As well as Key for Garage, there’s also the addition of Key for Business, which lets building owners and staff manage deliveries in a more uniform, and convenient manner. This service will give businesses control over the hours deliveries can be made, as well as how the property is accessed. According to Amazon, this system has already been rolled out in a handful of apartment buildings and is compatible with most building access systems.

Amazon Key for Business

However, these services aren’t all free of charge like the shipping itself is for Prime members. One of the updates to Amazon’s Key system in the introduction of the Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt, which is a WiFi enabled smart lock for the Key system. The idea is that this tech will give any consumer the ability to operate a keyless system for their home, without a broader smart wiring set-up. Amazon is yet to confirm a price for the product.

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