Amazon Moves to Increase Private Label Lines

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Amazon has reportedly filed a series of trademark requests, as the online giant moves to bulk up its private label apparel lines.

According to Trademarkia, Amazon has filed more than two-dozen trademark requests over the last few months; with the trademark search engine revealing requests have been filed as recently as September 9.

Data from Coresight Research has revealed that Amazon currently has 74 private labels, 66 of which are in apparel. However, as the online marketplace works to bulk out its Prime Wardrobe offering, it has lodged requests to trademark additional lines, including applications for “League of Outstanding Kids” in the clothing, footwear and headgear category, which was filed earlier this month.

Speculation is circling that the e-commerce juggernaut is utilising its previous research tactics, analysing data of other competing brands to see which items have the highest demand among consumers. In recent months, Target has achieved success with its own private label apparel brands, touting its best website and in-store traffic in 12 years in the last week alone. Walmart has also jumped on the private label bandwagon, releasing four apparel lines since the start of 2018.

While some brands have reportedly been wary of selling goods through Amazon’s global marketplace because of its private label push, Calvin Klein and Nike are among some of the household names who claim sales are “going well” on the platform.

Online shopping now accounts for a larger portion of US apparel sales, a trend that seems to be replicating in countries across the globe. According to the most recent Internet Retailer Online Apparel Report, online apparel sales have been steadily increasing since 2015, rising from 20.7 percent in 2015 to 27.4 percent in 2017. Amazon, it seems, is to thank for this upwards trend. More than half of online apparel purchases from the last six months have been made through Amazon’s US site, with Coresight Research’s new study claiming young shoppers between the age of 18 and 29 “are ready to embrace a full Amazon shopping experience”.

It’s not all clear sailing ahead for Amazon’s fashion ambitions, however, as 48 percent of shoppers reportedly say they expect to pay less for clothing and accessories purchased through the marketplace, and 32 percent of consumers pledging loyalty as long as the platform continues to offer the lowest prices.

As the shopping juggernaut starts to dominate the international apparel market, other retailers like Target and Walmart are feeling the pinch, with Morgan and Stanley predicting that two of the biggest department stores in the US – Sears and Macy’s – are expected to drop from a 24 percent market share in 2006 to just eight percent by 2022.

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