Amazon’s Latest Last-Mile Delivery Test

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By Published On: January 25, 20190 Comments

Amazon is field-testing a new last-mile delivery system, Amazon Scout.

Sean Scott, the vice president of Amazon Scout and a company veteran, wrote a blog post outlining the business’s latest delivery trial using Amazon Scout. The little delivery devices have been designed to get packages to customers autonomously.

The size of a small cooler, the bots will reportedly roll along sidewalks at the same pace that a person walks and as of January 23, have been actively delivering packages in the Washington neighbourhood, Snohomish County.

“Customers in Snohomish County order just as they normally would and their Amazon packages will be delivered either by one of our trusted partner carriers or by Amazon Scout,” Scott wrote in his post.  “We’re starting with six Amazon Scout devices, delivering packages Monday through Friday, during daylight hours,” he continued.

The hope is that the Scout devices will be able to follow their delivery route autonomously. However, during the trial, an Amazon employee will accompany them. This is to ensure packages are taken to the correct address and that the devices are able to navigate around any obstacles, like pets and pedestrians.

“We are delighted to welcome Amazon Scout into our community. Similar to Amazon, we are always looking for new ways to better deliver service to our residents. From the latest Amazon innovation to cutting edge technology, Snohomish County is a great place for entrepreneurial creativity,” said Dave Somers, the Snohomish County executive.

Amazon Scout is slated to join the company’s growing suite of delivery solutions, which includes free two-day and same-day shipping with Prime, Keyless home car and garage delivery and parcel locker drop-offs.

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