Amplifying a Marketing Strategy with Social Media and Email

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Social media and email are usually seen as two separate standalone strategies targeted at different results

While the fact is that email marketing and social media go hand in hand. Leveraging them together will help you attain further benefits, such as extending the reach of your campaigns to evolve with industry stakeholders and adding more subscribers to your list.

Email marketing remains a valuable tool when it comes to customer acquisition/retention as well as lead-nurture campaigns. However, if you want to reinvent marketing opportunities and take your business to new heights, you should consider incorporating social media in your email campaigns. Here are some key tips on how to integrate social media into the email strategy.

Combine email and social media to build a stronger brand

Potential customers seek brand integrity. It implies that the company is trustworthy and pays attention to detail. Maintaining consistency in messaging in your emails and social media channels will help build more effective branding campaigns and tap into target markets. Social media and email are different by nature but when put together build a strong and successful strategy.

Social media are very effective in expanding reach, building trust, and generating traffic. While it clearly fits well into building a strong brand image, email is of a more private nature, which means it is more efficient when it comes to sales and personalised direct communication. An email newsletter gives the brand the opportunity to showcase personality, helping distinguish you from your competitors.

While social media platforms promote networking and build the credibility of your content, it also stimulates influencers to share it without any second thought. Much like meeting people in the real world, the more they get to know you, the more trust and loyalty they’ll feel toward your brand. And that’s a sweet spot for marketers—it’s where repeat sales happen. Both channels definitely have their own uniqueness to offer and integrating both can only make your marketing strategy stronger.

Use your email list to make informed decisions on social media

There are over 4 billion active email accounts around the world at this very moment—and that number is projected to grow to almost 5.6 billion by the end of the decade. That’s a huge opportunity to find new customers, create awareness around your brand, and engage. Use email marketing to test ideas before you commit to them. For example, write several emails based on effective subject lines with specific techniques. See which one performs best – and use it in posts for social media. You can go even further and test various subject lines and images based on the targeted customer group.

A recent study reveals that there is a steady climb in the number of emails received and sent out. It projects the figure will surpass 347 billion per day by 2022. It’s also worth realising the number was 269 billion in 2018. Along with presenting customers with relevant and useful content, use email newsletters to highlight star products or services into the limelight while listing their benefits and driving consumers to make a purchase—whether it be on your site or at a brick-and-mortar store (and in some cases, both). Essentially, you have a captive audience.

Additionally, you can also help the transaction along by providing an incentive for your customer to purchase the product. Discount codes and promotions can go a long way towards making it a successful sale.

Don’t think creative, think data first

Engagement on social media can be a powerful way to convert potential customers. Mostly are looking to support companies that can form an authentic relationship and emotional connection. If you want to get specific people to sign up for your email list, social media is the best channel. Pay attention to research, come up with personalised messages, and target consumers with tailor-made emails to maximise customer engagement.

If a customer has already shown interest by following your social channels, they might also be more likely to sign up to email subscriptions. Use your social media wisely and present followers with the benefits of your newsletter. Remember that people love incentives, therefore prepare unique content that would grab the attention of those potential customers or a special giveaway to lure them to join in.

Reality is, there are more ways to promote your business online than ever before, but it comes at a price. Businesses try their hand at several marketing channels at once, and ignore the key step of integrating them with each other. As a result, their marketing strategy suffers. For an effective marketing strategy, it is key to remember that it is not social media versus email marketing – but social media and email.

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