Appliances Online Showcases ‘Legendary’ CX in New Video

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Appliances Online announced the release of a new brand experience video on Monday, coinciding with the launch of the company’s ‘Nominate a Legend’ competition.

Originally created for the Online Retail Industry Awards (ORIAS) earlier this year, Appliances Online has released a brand experience video that the company’s Founder, John Winning, says showcases the business’s legendary service.
“We wanted to tell the Appliances Online story and demonstrate our passion for the customer, which did literally start with a 1300 number diverted to my mobile phone that I answered anytime, day and night,” he said in a statement.
Appliances Online reportedly has a Net Promoter Score of 80, more than 60 points higher than the retail industry’s average of 12. According to Winning, this has been achieved by sheer tenacity, as customer experience shouldn’t end at the checkout.
“When I launched Appliances Online in 2005, we had to educate and encourage people to shop online. Fast forward to today’s crowded online retail space, Appliances Online demonstrates to customers that a trusted retailer is one which offers exceptional end-to-end customer experience.”

John Winning

Winning stars alongside his Appliances Online team in new ‘brand experience’ video.

The Chief Strategy Officer at Winning Group, Katharina Kuehn, says the video has been made with the intention of connecting the brand with consumers who share similar values, distilling the company’s DNA and what it does into an easily digestible story. She believes the video has achieved this by showcasing the attitudes and talents of the Appliances Online team.
“The most remarkable common feature of our team members is that they go above and beyond by default, not by exception. They thrive on saying yes in a no world, on not taking no for an answer,” she says.
“The film features these legends from our team, humoristically depicting this rare mindset. We’re always on the lookout for legends like this and the film and competition are designed to resonate with like-minded individuals.”
Appliances Online worked with creative services team, Heckler, to produce the video, which features Winning, actress Kristy Lee Allan, and the Appliances Online team.
As part of this promotional effort, the company is also running its flagship, ‘Nominate a Legend’ competition, which will run from Monday, October 15 until Sunday, October 21.
“The aim of the competition is to encourage the public to nominate and give praise to a legend they know, who goes above and beyond for others.
“This is a quality that Appliances Online shares with its customers,” Winning said.
The winner of the competition, as well as the person who nominated them, will reportedly each receive a $5,000 voucher to spend on Samsung appliances from Appliances Online.
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