Are Aussie Shoppers Fussed about Delivery?

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It's no secret that retailers compete to lock in the best delivery time, and shoppers are happy to pay a little bit extra to get their parcels to their doorstep sooner. So, how do Aussies compare to the rest of the world?

New studies by BigCommerce notes that three in five consumers are willing to pay an extra $20 for overnight shipping, with 71 per cent of Aussies making the conscious effort to not purchase something online due to the limited shipping options.

According to Power Retail’s Spotlight Series Report, Last Mile Delivery,  89 per cent of those prioritises fast delivery in their purchase decisions.

In the study by BigCommerce, shipping is a growing factor for consumers in the overall shopping experience. 57 per cent of the study’s respondents and 51 per cent of Aussies have stopped shopping at a certain online retailer due to negative shipping experiences and reviews. Moreover, the study also found that one in two global customers avoid shopping with brands that don’t offer free shipping as an option.

So, What do Customers Want?

Free shipping is the biggest attraction for many shoppers online, with 95 per cent of consumers consider free shipping one of the biggest factors to consider when making an online purchase. “Many shoppers will go out of their way to get their hands on free shipping,” the study explained. Four out of five shoppers in Australia have chosen to make a purchase from a retailer if they offer free shipping. On top of this, the study found that Aussies have added extra items to their cart to meet the minimum amount required for free shipping.

From products that are being shipped from overseas, Aussies are far more lenient when it comes to shipping times. Although it’s clear that Australian shoppers want their products shipped to them fast, when it comes to buying something from an international store, 70 per cent will tolerate a longer delivery period. Moreover, almost a third of online shoppers are willing to spend a bit more money on shipping when buying something from outside of Australia.

What do Aussies Customers Care About?

Not environmentally friendly delivery, apparently. Despite some brands making the decision to use environmentally friendly packaging, many Aussie consumers don’t take the packaging’s effect into consideration when making an online purchase. ” Aussies are the least thoughtful when it comes to the environment and online shopping, with almost half (44 per cent) not stopping to consider the environmental impact of shipping when shopping online, compared to 29 per cent of those in the UK and 40 per cent of those in the US,” the study revealed.

Online shoppers aren’t too fussed about fancy or branded packaging, according to the BigCommerce study. While a heap of brands use individually-styled packaging for their items, half of the consumers saw the effort with indifference, saying it neither detracts or enhances their online shopping experience. In the study, it was revealed that one in five shoppers would prefer neutral packaging and 60 per cent of shoppers stated they would prefer to have the items shipped in its original packaging to avoid further damage done to the environment.

Ultimately, Aussie shoppers prefer to have their products delivered on time, and at as little cost as possible. While this may be a struggle for some retailers, brands should consider focussing less on the appearance of the item’s packaging and more on the shopper’s experience online.

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