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ASOS’ Latest In-App Personalisation Feature

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By Published On: October 25, 20180 Comments

ASOS has announced its new ‘boards’ feature, which is available to consumers using the global fashion retailer’s mobile shopping app.

As e-tailers are scrambling to improve the personalisation features of their websites and shopping apps, ASOS has swooped in with its new in-app ‘Boards’ functionality.
According to the online business, 43 percent of its shoppers that currently save items on their iOS devices have more than 50 products saved, while a number of people reportedly have as many as 500 products stored in their saved list.


ASOS mimics Pinterest with its new ‘Boards’ in-app feature.

To improve the online shopping experience for consumers that save products to review and make a purchase at a later date, ASOS has introduced ‘Boards’, an in-app feature that allows consumers to organise their saved items into categories.
When storing an item in their saved list, ASOS says shoppers will be prompted to instead add the item to their ‘Boards’. The Pinterest-like functionality allows consumers to arrange their favourite products based on work outfits, gym clothes, or cute summer dresses. The Boards are completely customisable, and for any users struggling to think of a name for their board, ASOS also provides a list of suggestions.

ASOS encourages uses to save their favourite items for later.

According to Charmaine Aksakal, the product manager at ASOS, this new in-app feature is the company’s first of many updates that it will be making to its mobile app in the coming months.
“Giving our customers a better way to organise their Saved Items is one of our most in-demand features, and Boards is just a first step in the improvements we will roll out in this area over time. Future updates, from sharing functionality to new layouts and product and Board suggestions, will empower our customers with fresh ways to find and share inspiration and discover their personal style,” she said.
ASOS has already made a number of improvements in this space, including its investment in ‘Virtual Fit’ technology, which was announced in April this year.
“We’re experimenting with AR to show products on different size models, so customers can get a better sense of how something might fit their body shape,” ASOS explained in a statement that was released in April.
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