Aussie Online Retailers – How Do You Rank?

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Every business wants to be the best it can be. With upcoming trends, new technology and changing customer habits becoming a part of the retail sector, it's important to stay ahead of the game. So, do you compare with the others? Is your site up to scratch?

Each business strives to become more innovative, smarter and build a more sustainable model than the last quarter, but sometimes it’s nice to see see how it compares to the others.

For nine years, Power Retail has been ranking Australia’s Top 100 Online Retailers, with the best of the best of the best celebrated at the annual All Star Bash. While it’s fantastic to showcase those who shine in the retail sector once a year, it’s important for retailers to recognise the efforts they put in and see how they rank throughout the remaining quarters.

Building on these rankings and using a newly developed methodology including more than 30 performance metrics collected on a rolling basis, Power Retail is proud to announce that our all-new interactive Retailer Performance Scorecard is now live and available exclusively for Switched ON Members.

“We collect information about fulfilment, site features, site performance and we use those metrics we collect to help build our scores and rank our Top 100,” explained Dave Fear, the Head of Analytics at Power Retail.

According to Power Retail research, the online retailers who utilise live chat, click and collect and product reviews tend to rank higher for customer experience than those who don’t. In the Scorecard, retailers are able to access the key metrics they need to secure a ranking as one of the best players in the game. According to the research, just under 50 per cent of the Top 100 ranked retailers now offer Click & Collect, and shoppers value transparency (or at least the appearance of transparency) and retailers are responding, with 62 per cent of Top 100 retailers offering product reviews.

So, how do you compare with the others? Is your site up to scratch?

“What we can do now with that data is we can track trends, and we can actually track the difference between people who are in the Top 100 and people are not in the Top 100 and we can use that to highlight certain site features and fulfilment options that help paint a picture of what a successful retailer looks like,” Mr Fear explained.

The Scorecard includes comparisons between the services and features offered by retailers in the Top 100 vs. those who don’t rank, all in simple chart layout. Across more than a dozen key metrics, retailers can see how their site performs, and where they may be falling behind the leading retailers. “We are constantly increasing the number of retailers, as well as the number of metrics we collect for each retailer,” Mr Fear said.

For further details about Switched ON, click HERE. You can also download a two-page Retail Performance Scorecard Snapshot by clicking HERE.

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