35% of Aussies Have Boycotted Amazon Australia

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700 Australian consumers share their thoughts on Amazon Australia; what they like, what they don't, and how willing they are to shop in the marketplace over the next six months.

Since Amazon launched in Australia in December last year, 39 percent of Australians have shopped both on the local marketplace and the American version of the site, while a staggering 35 percent of shoppers are yet to make a purchase from the Australian site.

According to new research from Field Agent, 40 percent of shoppers are unimpressed with Amazon’s local offerings because products are too expensive, and those that are shopping, are buying books (52 percent) and electronics (47 percent).

Field Agent also says that of the consumers surveyed, 23 percent were looking for clothing and accessories, 15 percent for toys, 13 percent for movies and music, and 12 percent for products in the home and office category.

It’s also interesting to note that only 24 percent of local shoppers said they were extremely satisfied with Amazon’s Australian offerings in terms of product range, price, and delivery cost and time, and just over half reported being somewhat satisfied.

How Australian Consumers Feel About Amazon Prime

Nearly half of Amazon’s American user base are Prime members. This equates to 90 million subscribers in the US alone. Prime members get access to exclusive deals, and online shopping features like free two-day shipping, same-day delivery, and streaming services for an annual subscription fee.

When asked if they would be interested in signing up when the program is launched down under, 55 percent of respondents expressed interest, with 38 percent of these shoppers reportedly willing to fork out $99 for the service, followed by 33 percent who are willing to pay as much as $149.

Although, how willing Australians are to adopt Amazon’s Prime membership could be impacted by Friday’s release of eBay Plus, which provides consumers with unlimited deliveries and returns for a fraction of the cost of Amazon Prime. The service has launched for $49 per year and is being heralded as eBay’s answer to the looming threat of Prime’s inevitable arrival down under.

But, don’t get too relaxed just yet. Amazon Australia will most likely be a long-term game, and things are really just starting to heat up.

Plus, despite Amazon’s underwhelming Australian launch, 41 percent of consumers have reported they are somewhat likely to make a purchase in the next six months, with only three percent of respondents ruling out the possibility of shopping with the marketplace in the foreseeable future.

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