Report Reveals Only 2% of Aussies Shop Exclusively Online

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Only two percent of Aussies shop exclusively online. New research from Rakuten Marketing looks at the latest consumer trends and how retailers can tap into the omnichannel shopping market.

According to the 2018 State of E-Commerce: Asia Pacific report, Australian retailers need to be active on multiple digital channels, while also providing an engaging in-store experience for consumers.

The survey of 1000 consumers in each of Asia-Pacific’s key markets has revealed that Australian retailers are falling behind China, Malaysia, Hong Kong and South Korea, as businesses are slow to adapt to the changing retail environment.

With a mere two percent of Aussies shopping exclusively through online outlets compared to 20 percent that shop exclusively in-store, the report says Australian e-tailers have the lowest rate of e-commerce growth out of any other country in the APAC region.

Issues with shipping, returns and payment security are reportedly the biggest issues plaguing Aussie businesses. According to Rakuten Marketing, unless these problems are addressed, consumers won’t embrace the full potential of online shopping.

On a more positive note, the data has revealed that 78 percent of consumers in the APAC region are embracing omnichannel-shopping experiences. The report claims that this higher level of adoption can be attributed to business strategies that embrace everything from in-store experiences to effective mobile shopping strategies.

“In 2018, it is expected that the APAC e-commerce market will reach $1.8 trillion, with 75 percent ($1.3 trillion) in mobile transactions,” says JJ Eastwood, Managing Director of Rakuten Marketing APAC.

Eastwood believes these figures reflect an “ongoing shift in online and offline purchasing behaviours”, as tech-savvy consumers often turn to digital channels to streamline their shopping experiences. “There is a clear opportunity here for retailers to build meaningful relationships with their customers by adopting an omnichannel approach.”

For brands to be successful in APAC, it will be important for them to be familiar with the different devices, platforms and consumer preferences within the region.”

Unsurprisingly the data shows heavy usage of mobile devices for shopping, although in countries like China these transactions come from specific apps like WeChat and Weibo. Whereas APAC consumers also like to optimise their shopping experiences through services like concierge apps and freight forwarding services,” Eastwood says.

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