How Do Aussie Retailers Stack Up Against US and UK?

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How do our retailers compare with the US and UK when it comes to marketing automation, and where do we need to lift our game?

The latest global benchmark report report from dotmailer, Hitting the Mark, sheds some light on where brands sit in terms of email campaigns, after-sales review, editorial and other marketing and user experience efforts.

The report, which analyses 100 brands across six different sectors spanning the US, UK and APAC region, reveals that Aussie brands fared well with a few stand-out retailers, but overall were outpaced by the US and UK.

The Stats, a Snapshot:

Impressively, only 5 percent of Australian retailers didn’t send an initial welcome email to thank someone for signing up (a prime opportunity to introduce them to your brand) whereas globally the figure sits at 14 percent.

With the abandonment rate hovering at 69 percent, it’s surprising that 55 percent of brands in the Australian sample didn’t send abandoned cart email notifications. The global figure for US, UK and APAC is 56 percent meaning Australian retailers were not alone by not taking advantage of the ability to display different content within single sends of email newsletters rather than the outdated bulk and blast approach.

“By not implementing simple steps and quick wins in the customer journey, brands are missing out on these potential returns on sales, not to mention the opportunity to build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with their customers,” said Rohan Lock, APAC Regional Director for dotmailer.

Personalisation is where Australian retailers really let themselves down. The survey found a lack of obvious targeting as well as an absence of personalised content. “Companies clearly need to spruce up on their email marketing, conceive a well-focused strategy and adopt solutions that tackle obstacles and remove team pain-points,” the Australian report says. “After all, email automation, segmentation and personalisation tools are by no means new.”

The post-purchase experience was an area where Australian retailers seemed to hit the mark, with order confirmation emails, customer feedback emails and shipping updates leading to positive experiences.

The Results

In terms of performance, US brands score higher than UK and APAC on average, including welcome and abandoned cart emails. Yet APAC comes out on top for welcome messages. The UK is the clear leader for after-sales care, with APAC ahead of the US when it comes to strengthening loyalty and advocacy. Only one in 10 brands from the US and APAC regions send editorial-only emails, with UK coming out on top for value-added content.

The US also came out on top as the most data-driven region, with the APAC region needing to up its game when it comes to using data to achieve a higher performance in email marketing.

The good news? The Iconic made the top ten, coming in at number two overall. Australian retailer Temple & Webster came in at number five in the Home, Garden, DIY & Lifestyle category and The Iconic came in at number one in the Fashion, Jewellery, Accessories & Apparel category. RY beat out The Body Shop, taking out fourth place in the health and beauty category.

For more on how Australia fares on a global scale and how Aussie brands rank in the top 100 analysis of email and omnichannel marketing sophistication, download the Hitting the Mark 2018 global report here.

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