The Author Making ‘Shoppable’ Novels Possible

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Author Riley Costello has developed a way to sell apparel and homewares to the readers of her latest e-book, by integrating e-commerce functionalities into her content.

Riley Costello has released a new book, Waiting at Hayden’s, with commerce features included in both the print and digital version of the novel.

According to a press release from the author, readers will be able to interact with the characters and key settings in Waiting for Hayden’s through custom imagery, videos, and direct links to purchase products that are described within the text.

“In the digital version of the book, there will be links throughout the text anytime a character’s outfit is mentioned. Simply connect your e-reader to Wi-Fi, click on the link, and you’ll be directed to a photo of the character wearing the exact outfit mentioned (and standing in the exact setting she is described in!) Beside the picture, there will be links to Shop the Book™,” Riley wrote in a blog post.

According to Riley, each chapter will also end with a link to watch key scenes unveil in a video format, while readers of the soft and hardcover editions of the novel will also be provided with the relevant links to shop the featured products and view the exclusive video content.

American department store chain, Nordstrom, is one of the retailers that have partnered with Riley to make Shopfiction possible, with a number of the company’s clothing items being included as part of the characters’ ‘looks’.

Shoppable novels

Readers can now ‘shop the look’ of their favourite characters in this new book.

When consumers click on the link embedded in the text of Riley’s ebook, they will see custom imagery, which will then direct readers to the applicable e-commerce store to purchase their favourite character’s looks.


Nordstrom partners with Riley to make Shopfiction possible.

In an interview with California Apparel News, Riley said she is incredibly excited by ‘Shopfiction’ because it gives her the opportunity to work with inspiring women and feature some of her favourite brands.

“What Reese Witherspoon is doing in the movie industry, I want to bring to the book industry,” she said.

“Shopfiction gives me the opportunity to hire a lot of women actors, put in a lot of clothing brands to get a lot of female voices heard and seen, but I think it will be another way for women’s stories to be out there.”

Although, it’s not all for the love of it, as Riley reportedly receives a “small commission” on every sale that’s made through her ‘shoppable book’.

Winston White and Van De Vort are two key brands Riley has chosen to include, which she says were a natural choice for her since they were both founded by female entrepreneurs. Riley hopes this new technology will help engage her female readers in a new and exciting way.

“I write love stories with strong female characters and decided to use technology to reach and engage readers in a new, exciting and fun manner.”

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