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20 Questions with Julie Mathers

An icon in her own right, Julie Mathers has gone from strength to strength since launching Flora & Fauna in 2014. She has won several All Star Bash awards, including the Top Sustainable Retailer. Since leaving F&F in 2022, she has gone to acquire the kid's brand, Snuggly Hunny Kids. We wanted to know a bit more about the person behind the achievements, so we asked her 20 Questions - what's her go-to cafe order? Does she prefer savoury or sweet?

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From 2010 t today, Power Retail has covered every angle of the e-commerce landscape. Covering every story as it happens and investigating what makes shoppers tick, Power Retail has seen it all. But what about its own online presence? How has much has changed from the early days of Power Retail to 2022? Take a look at the E-Commerce Time Machine to find out.

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A Note from the Editor

It's with sadness that I announce my final week at Power Retail. After three and a half years in the role. I want to spend a moment to thank everyone for the incredible love and support I've been given over this time. I would also like to take a moment to introduce our new Editor, James Cutler, to the business.

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Retailers, It’s Time to BeReal… Or Is It?

From Instagram to TikTok, retailers have tapped every single touchpoint on the social media landscape. But when is the time to step back and reevaluate this move? With new social media platforms like BeReal popping up and taking centre stage, is it wise for retailers to jump on the bandwagon straight away? And if they do, how can they make the most of it without annoying shoppers? 

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Next 12 Months Will Be ‘Tough’ – Economist Gives Retailers Advice

Craig Ferguson, Director of Strategy at Antipodean Capital, spoke to a room of retail experts and online shoppers at the inaugural Power Retail Connect lunch held this Wednesday in Melbourne. Discussing the changes in the macroeconomic landscape, disruptions in consumer changes and spending habits and how they will impact retailers in the future, he also gave businesses a sliver of hope and advice for battling the next few months. 

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How Klika “Bucked the Trend” in 2022

It's been a tough six months for many retailers, be it pureplay, multichannel or marketplaces. But for Klika, the last half of the year has been pretty resilient. We spoke to Leo Zaitsev, Director of Operations at Klika about the challenges facing retail, and the ongoing changes in consumer behaviour.

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Encouraging Circularity & Reducing Waste | Q&A with Sustainability Experts

In the two years since the last Online Retailer event, a lot has changed. One of the most significant transformations has been the rise of the conscious consumer and views toward sustainable retailing. We spoke to five leaders in sustainability about encouraging circularity and what retailers should avoid.

Online Loyalty, Transformations and Predictions | Q&A with

Looking at the last two years, the online landscape has transformed and shifted. While we may not see the same level of online adoption as in the early stages of lockdown, there's no going back to pre-pandemic days. We spoke to Ayaan Mohamud, Regional Vice President, Marketing - APAC at, about the future of e-commerce and what the future may look like in uncertain times.

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Let’s Talk Branding with John Barkle, Head of Brand at New Aim

We're living in a world where loyalty to brand is exceedingly low. And according to retail data, it's only getting lower. So how can retailers improve their chances of getting noticed? Branding. We had a chat with John Barkle, the Head of Brand of New Aim and former Head of Brand and Loyalty at MyDeal, to discuss the best and worst of branding in 2022, and why retailers need to start their branding journey now.

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