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The High Cost of Shipping Heavy & Bulky Products Explained

Steven Visic, Director of Smart Send explains why shipping costs for big and bulky items are skyrocketing and reveals exciting new solutions by Smart Send.

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Collaboration over competition: the winning customer acquisition strategy

preezie shares why partnering with Adore Beauty, Blue Bungalow, & other leading retailers is the winning customer acquisition strategy.

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How Next-Generation Technology is Disrupting the Future of Online Retail

Matt Smith, Exhibition Director at Online Retailer discusses the future of online retail and how next-generation tech is leading the way.

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Disrupt or be disrupted: How ecommerce brands can stay ahead of the digital advertising game

The digital landscape is evolving at the speed of light, and those who don't adapt will unfortunately be left in the dark. Rather than relying on exhausted advertising channels or dated marketing strategies, brands need to explore new solutions to engage shoppers and convert them into customers.

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