Bardot Moves to Pureplay After 2019 Administration

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In November 2019, Australian retailer Bardot announced it was entering voluntary administration. In January 2020, it announced it was closing 58 stores across the country. Now, Bardot CEO Basil Artemedes said the retailer will be repositioning itself for its future. 

The fashion retailer will focus on its e-commerce offering in an effort to shift the business with a global image.

“We started in 1996 and grew to become a national retailer; now in 2020, the new business is focused on e-commerce and our partnerships with major fashion stores globally,” Artemedes said.

The retailer will no longer focus on its brick and mortar stores but will shift its vision on digital commerce.  “Instead of retail stores, our new distribution focus will be centred on,” Artemedes said.

Bardot’s shift to pureplay will allow the retailer to focus on its global offering, and get back to its ‘original DNA’.

“It’s about taking the brand back to its original DNA,” Artemedes said. “I want to reinvent Bardot by focusing on creating timeless pieces that stay in your wardrobe forever.”

This is not the first time a fashion retailer has turned to pureplay to reinvent its image. In 2019, Forever 21 filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after years of falling sales and a lack of diverse styles for consumers. While closing some of its stores across the globe, the retailer made the change to an online offering. “E-commerce forms a large chunk of the profitable core of our operations and as part of our new global strategy, Forever 21 will leverage Global-e’s technology to offer international customers an outstanding online experience,” explains Alex Ok, President of Forever 21.

For Bardot, it’s about getting back to its ‘DNA’, which means ‘quality over quantity’ for the retailer. “I want to reinvent Bardot by focusing on creating timeless pieces that stay in your wardrobe forever,” Artemedes explained. “I am turning what I love into what I sell, with a focus on quality over quantity.”

Bardot will relaunch its online site, which will include the Bardot Junior line. The retailer will also rely on the help of local manufacturers in the process. “Local manufacturing has become an option again and it is exciting to work with the local industry,” Artemedes said.

“I want to do our bit for the environment by using more bio-based materials and recycling fabric. It is a privilege to design fashion, and I can’t wait for the next phase of the Bardot story,” he explained.

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