Bazaarvoice Introduces: Visual Syndication Network

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Now you can syndicate your visual user-generated content to the places you sell – your site, social feeds, and retail channels.

The market is shifting. E-commerce is in the middle of a staggering growth curve, with the market predicted to expand by as much as $1 trillion by 2025. There are a number of factors driving that change, from a shift in brand loyalty to rapidly changing consumer behaviour, like accelerated social commerce.

For example, did you know that 85 percent of consumers find visual user-generated content (UGC) more influential than brand photos or videos? Or that 74 percent of consumers want to see visual and social content on brands’ websites? How about shoppers are six times more likely to purchase an item if the product page contains images from social media? You do now. It’s a fact that more UGC = better conversion = higher revenue.

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Bazaarvoice recognises social commerce has taken off, and e-commerce is a massive growth opportunity that no one wants to miss out on. So, they’re making it easy for brands and retailers to show off (literally).

The recent acquisitions of Curalate, the leading social commerce platform, and Influenster, the leading product review community, enabled Bazaarvoice to create a full-funnel user-generated content (UGC) suite. Their customers are not only empowered to collect valuable UGC at scale for product launches and sales, but can moderate, distribute, and capitalize on content, all in one place.

Who doesn’t want to share the right content at the right stage of the buyer journey, in the right locations? More importantly though, who doesn’t want to tap into the growth opportunity that social commerce offers?

What is the Visual Syndication Network?

Today, shoppers are engaged with—and inspired by—brands, whether they’re on social channels, a website, or on the checkout page. Give shoppers a delightful shopping experience, no matter where they are.

The Bazaarvoice Visual Syndication Network makes it easy to collect visual UGC for products on social media and distribute it to the Visual Syndication Network for display on retailer sites.

As a retailer, you’ll have a steady stream of fresh, inspirational content at your fingertips. Customers will love their shopping experience and reward you with buying more and more often. It’s a win-win!

As a brand, you’ll have more UGC in more places, which means increased sales. Because not only do 75 percent of shoppers prefer seeing customer UGC over professional imagery.

Online ‘window shopping’ is more prevalent than ever before. Why? Thanks to UGC. Shoppers are engaging with your brand on every channel they visit. Whether on social, your website, or the checkout page, they’re inspired. So give them a delightful experience wherever they are.


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