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Jaryd Telkersen, Co-Owner of BeforeYouSpeak Coffee, explains how the wellness and coffee company grew 260 per cent month on month since its 2017 launch, and its future in the US market.

A cup of coffee has become a fundamental part of many people’s morning routines. Jaryd Terkelsen and Ash Bisset, from Queensland, have taken the humble cup of beans and turned them into something that everyone can further incorporate into their daily routines.

BeforeYouSpeak Coffee offers specialised ‘high performance, superfood infused’ coffee sachets. It’s aimed at those who want to boost their performance at the gym or those who wish to add an extra boost to their morning latte in the office. Owners, Jaryd Terkelsen and Ash Bisset started the company in 2017, and now sell the coffee to over 500 stockists across Australia. In mid-2018, BeforeYourSpeak Coffee launched collagen coffee skincare products, aimed at the health and beauty market.

Both Terkelsen and Bisset have prior experience with startups in the fitness sector. Bisset currently owns a supplement store, and Terkelsen has a background with numerous businesses, including a construction company and co-founding another successful program, ‘Bodies by Rachel’.

Jaryd Terkelsen said that there was ‘room for innovation’ in the coffee industry, making it the ‘perfect vehicle’ to create the new beverage. “Because we were such a new concept, people were almost hesitant to try a new type of coffee with other ingredients infused into it. With a good sampling process and strong social media strategy, we were able to achieve market penetration and quickly leveraged the positive feedback in our marketing strategy. There probably isn’t a whole lot I would have changed in that process,” explained Terkelsen.

How did you expand the business to the size it is now? What were some of the key tricks that you used to get you to where you are now, and how did they affect you two coming into the business together?

“We came into this business together with complimentary skill sets. I have had previous experience in startups/branding and social media marketing. Ash has had close to ten years’ experience in sport nutrition operations and retail. Together our connections and experience have allowed us to bring both of our strengths to build both sides of our business – wholesale and e-commerce. Our digital and influencer strategy has allowed us to quickly get brand strength which has benefit both sides of the business in the Australian market and now expanding internationally. Everything we do we try to move at speed. Constantly testing and adapting as we get market feedback,” Terkelsen said.

The beauty industry is larger now than it’s ever been. What was your thought process behind launching a collagen coffee skin products? Who is it targeted to, and why?

“We have the ability to create products with ingredients that are on trend. We saw how collagen was trending and did some market research and knew there was huge opportunity to play in this space. We’re all about creating products that are convenient and can be added into peoples daily routine. This product is more heavily targeted towards the female demographic 25 years and above. After the age of 25, our body decreases collagen production year on year which is why it becomes so important to supplement to ensure we have healthy skin and reduce signs of aging,” explained Terkelsen.

You’re about to launch in the USA. Are there any marketing strategies that you’ve had to adjust or adapt to fit the North American market? How does the American market differ from the Aussies?

“Yes, definitely. We have to be very conscious of the sheer size of the market in the US as we launch. Because it is so big we are targeting both specific geographical locations along with specific demographics. We have really had to define who our target audience is and we will double down on that and then expand as we grow. While we are still very unique in terms of our product, there is a lot more noise in the US market.”

You’ve added superfoods and skincare to your ever-growing list of coffee-infused products. What’s in store for you two in the future?

“We have a range of new product formulas we will release over the next 24 months. We are also close to releasing biodegradable pods and single serve RTD’s to enter different segments of the market,” explained Terkelsen. “We are continually focusing on building our brand through community engagement, activations and events. We’re excited for the direction of the next 12 months!”

BeforeYouSpeak Coffee has collectively sold over two million coffees in the 18 months that it’s been on the market, with 260 per cent growth month on month. It’s on track to reach 500 per cent growth in revenue year on year, with a mark to hit AUD$4 million in revenue following its two years on the market.

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