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What’s Your Best Cross-Border Market?

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By Published On: February 21, 20180 Comments

For Australian e-commerce retailers, the latest statistics on global internet penetration represent a huge opportunity to grow your business internationally.

The global population is estimated to have reached 7.6 billion in December last year, with a staggering 53% now having access to the internet. That’s close to a 1000% increase in internet penetration since 2000.

For the stat geeks out there, 49.2% of global internet users can be found in Asia compared with 17.3% in Europe and just 0.7% in Oceania/Australia.

For Australian e-commerce retailers, these numbers represent a huge opportunity to grow your global business. And the good news is that it’s a lot easier and more cost effective to reach potential customers, with online marketing.

Some global trends worth being aware of:

  • E-commerce is growing (Duh!)
  • Baby boomers shop online just as frequently as Millennials and both are outshopped by Generation X
  • Men and women shop with equal frequency, yet men spend more online than women

But the world is indisputably a big place, made up of different countries, languages, cultures and online behaviours. And while global trends are useful, specific country insights are what makes for a successful export e-commerce business.

For example, did you know that Japan has one of the lowest levels of foreign buying activity in APAC? Only 12% of Japanese consumers purchased from overseas in 2015. Those that did buy overseas spent their money on high quality items from well-known global brands.

Maybe you knew that 72% of French consumers prefer to collect their online orders from a local shop?

Or perhaps you’d like to have known that a recent study found that 43% of Americans who have shopped online have made a purchase from bed and 20% admitted to purchasing from the bathroom or while in the car!

If you want to find out more about the export opportunities for e-commerce retailers, how to identify the best markets for you, the tools available to help with this and specifically how to drive international sales through paid search, please join me tomorrow, Thursday 22nd February @ 1pm for a free webinar on International E-commerce Success, hosted by Power Retail. To register click here.


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