BigCommerce launches Microsoft Ads collaboration

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BigCommerce has announced a collaboration that integrates Microsoft Ads and Listings in the BigCommerce Marketplace for ANZ merchants.

ANZ BigCommerce merchants will now have the ability to directly integrate their stores with Microsoft Advertising’s offerings including an audience of more than one billion consumers. With Microsoft Ads and Listings, merchants can use the Microsoft Merchant Center to synch product catalogues and create campaigns within the BigCommerce portal.

According to the announcement, the collaboration will see integrated features such as the ability to showcase products to millions of potential customers on Microsoft Bing, MSN, Microsoft Edge and via syndicated partners such as Yahoo! and AOL. Merchants can filter product feeds with specific attributes that deliver richer ad content, and narrow search results that can increase click-through and conversion rates by simply making it easier for shoppers to find what they are looking for. Without leaving the BigCommerce Control Panel, merchants can see campaign performance with a snapshot view or run detailed reporting on a wide or granular scope, with specific key elements or side-by-side comparisons across various ad campaigns. Changes can be made in real time to status, budgets and bids while having access to a personalised tips dashboard and customer support to get better results.

“BigCommerce strives to give our merchants the power to advertise and sell their products, wherever their customers are searching and shopping. As a result, seamless partner app integrations like Microsoft Ads and Listings uplevel the value and opportunities that we can deliver to our merchants all over the world,” said Sharon Gee, vice president of revenue growth and general manager of omnichannel at BigCommerce. “Furthermore, strategic relationships with global businesses like Microsoft Advertising also underscores the value that we can deliver to our agency and technology partners as part of the Omnichannel Certified Partner (OCP) Program.”

Microsoft has recently made headlines with reports that the company is in the works to implement the artificial intelligence behind ChatGPT into its search engine Bing. ChatGPT was launched by OpenAI late last year with a free public beta testing that saw millions of users trialling the program in its first week. The viral chatbot’s popularity can be attributed to its human like conversation from natural language programming, the most advanced of its kind available for free for public trial. While neither OpenAI or Microsoft have commented on the alleged collaboration, the companies have partnered up in the past with Microsoft funding a $1 billion USD partnership in 2019 forming a multi-year artificial intelligence development program. ChatGPT made headlines as a potential threat to Google and its search engine. Google and Microsoft have long rivalled eachother in the search engine realm and this potential new tech implementation could see Microsoft take the competitive edge.

Microsoft announced mid last year that its FY22 advertising revenue had decreased due to reductions in spending in that area. Microsoft’s search and advertising revenue was about $3 billion USD for the quarter, an increase on the year prior, however it saw its lowest quarterly growth rate in more than a year. The company has since invested in various partnerships to boost advertising revenue including this BigCommerce collaboration.

“The Microsoft Advertising Network connects BigCommerce merchants with people who have greater purchasing power, engage more with ads and are more likely to make a purchase online,” said Jason McKay, senior director, global partner sales, Microsoft Advertising. “With Microsoft Ads and Listings, BigCommerce merchants can connect with customers in new ways, achieving a strong return on spend to drive long-term growth.”

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