BigCommerce Releases a New Checkout Software Development Kit

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BigCommerce has today announced the launch of a new checkout software development kit (SDK) that will give brands full control of their ecommerce checkout experience.

BigCommerce has announced the launch of its Checkout Software Development Kit (SDK) which will enable e-commerce brands, agencies and developers the ability to fully customise every pixel of the checkout experience to their unique specifications.

So, why is the checkout experience so important? In a 2017 study released by the Baymard Institute, 28 percent of US consumers abandon checkout due to an experience that was too long or too complicated. With the implementation of Checkout SDK, BigCommerce merchants are no longer beholden to a predetermined checkout flow and are able to adapt their checkout experience as necessary.

Some of the new features with Checkout SDK include, custom checkout capabilities, customisation of every pixel, business logic management and automatic feature updates. Jimmy Duvall, chief product officer at BigCommerce said of the announcement, “checkout is one of the most valuable parts of a merchant’s online presence and determines whether a sale is made or lost, yet merchants have never had full control over its design or functionality due to the added complexity that accompanies the experience.”

BigCommerce has partnered with Bolt and Moustache Republic to provide BigCommerce merchants alternative checkout experiences custom built using Checkout SDK. Bolt and Moustache Republic, using the new Checkout SDK, designed solutions that addressed more sophisticated use cases. With Bolt, merchants can offer a single-click checkout experience to returning customers. This is optimised for both web and mobile devices and Bolt Checkout has shown a decrease in the average checkout experience by 35 – 90 seconds.

Moustache Republic further streamlined the checkout process with a single page checkout that allows customers to review their order and input all account details and payment information from a single screen. Moustache Republic’s single-page checkout offers a secure, highly-configurable solution to ensure a checkout experience that matches a customer’s site expectations.

Retailers and customers have been hoping for this level of optimisation and customisation of the checkout experience for a while. This development will surely increase the ease of the online shopping experience.

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