Preparing and Integrating the Biggest Tech Disruptions Impacting Retail

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Q&A: Understanding how to prepare and integrate three of the biggest tech disruptions impacting retail today.

Ahead of the Online Retailer Conference Expo 2019, Power Retail will sit down with two great hosts, Shane Lenton (CIO, CUE Clothing) and Brett Raven (CIO, Big Red Group).

Together they will uncover exclusive insights on how businesses can prepare for and leverage three of the biggest tech disruptions that are impacting the future of retail.

For more information, be sure to secure a spot in the free webinar, which takes place on 7 May. There you will discover how your business can:

  • Integrate tech (AR, VR and Extended Reality) into the physical retail experience to influence purchasing decisions.
  • Implement processes that pave the way for a cashless experience to facilitate the best CX (customer experience).
  • Leverage IoT to transform your logistics and operations to make shopping easier, cheaper and more convenient for your customers.

This webinar is a fantastic opportunity to understand the future of retail and the impact that leading technology will have. Join Power Retail after the event for a break-down and extensive insight into the three tech disrupters, and the ways businesses can prepare and integrate them into their plans.

What: Q&A: Understanding how to prepare and integrate 3 of the biggest tech disruptions impacting retail today

When: Tuesday, 7th May
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM AEST

Grant Arnott (Publisher, Power Retail)
Brett Raven (CIO, Big Red Group)
Shane Lenton (CIO, CUE Clothing)

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