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birdsnest is entering a new phase of its growth with the launch of birdsnest rehatched, a selection of preloved garments available to purchase online. 

The move aims to slow down the fashion economy and encourage circularity with its customer base and a new audience. The service will be available alongside the new season collections, launching online in September.

The concept was first visualised in 2019 when the business realigned its focus on sustainability. During the lockdowns in 2020, birdnest reached out to its customer base and encouraged them to clear out their wardrobes and contribute pieces to the rehatched collection.

All items available in the rehatched line will be in ‘like-new’ condition (either excellent or very good), checked and approved by the birdsnest team before hitting the shelves.

According to Jane Cay, the founder of birdsnest, the business wanted to take responsibility for the clothing it brings into the world. “Our mission is to make participating in a more circular fashion economy simple, fun, and convenient for our community as that will naturally change shopping habits and extend the life cycle of our clothes,” she said.

In line with its online channel, the birdsnest collection will be available to explore online with reviews, filtering options and detailed photos of each product. Customers are still encouraged to send through their pieces from birdsnest to the rehatched collection.

In return for sending them across to the business, birdsnest will receive a small credit to shop for new items. Alternatively, they can donate the proceeds to charity, including for victims of the Northern Rivers floods.

“I love seeing this preloved range sitting alongside our current new season range, showing how great fashion can take a slower lane,” continued Cay. “We thank those in our community who are contributing their once loved birdsnest styles, and all those who will shop the range, each person is taking part in helping our collective birdsnest wardrobe live longer.”

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