Bras N Things Diversifies its Marketing Strategy

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Bras N Things is the latest retailer to shift its focus to the ‘everyday woman’, making its marketing campaigns more inclusive.

Since its release in 2016, Bras N Things’ Body Bliss collection has been one of the brand’s most popular ranges, selling more than 580,000 bras in less than two years.

According to the company’s National Marketing Manager, Natalie Chambers the new luxe collection, and its most recent campaign, is designed to celebrate its diverse customers.

“Body Bliss by Bras N Things is one of our most popular and diverse collections and this campaign is all about celebrating the huge range of styles that are perfect for every woman to wear every day.

“We feel so privileged to have this dynamic group of women – who run businesses, are creative, are handy with a drill bit and are models, mothers and sisters – help us launch the new Luxe range.”

Bras n things body bliss campaign

Bras N’ Things celebrates the diversity of women with its latest ‘Body Bliss’ campaign.

Perhaps one of the campaign’s most notable differences is that it doesn’t use traditional models. The five models featured in the advertising material come from various walks of life, but have some form of history working with Bras N Things.

For instance, Elle Ferguson used to work as a retail assistant, while Elyse Knowles returned to shoot her fifth campaign with the brand.

The Body Bliss range was originally launched in mid-May 2016, selling more than $1 million worth of product within its first three weeks. Australian models and influencers, Tahnee Atkinson, Samantha Harris, Steph Smith, Natalie Roser, and Bianca Cheah led the initial campaign. Through influencer marketing, the campaign had a reach of more than 1.77 million followers.

“We received overwhelming feedback from the Bras N Things retail team nationally about how many women came into their local store showing social media posts of the Body Bliss collection and wanting to try it for themselves,” said George Wahby, Bras N Things CEO. “It’s amazing to have this direct touch point with the consumer and to be able to connect with them in the farthest corners of the country via social media,” Wahby said in reaction to the range’s initial launch.

This fresh approach to marketing comes just months after Hanes Australasia purchased the brand from private equity firm, BB Capital in Hanes’ effort to diversify its portfolio.

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