Brauz and Zoom Join Forces to Accelerate Livestream Shopping

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By Published On: July 6, 20210 Comments

Brauz is launching a new live-streaming shopping platform in collaboration with Zoom, to enable shoppers to get real-time information about products on the go. 

Shoppers will be able to book in a time to connect with a retailer and have a personalised shopping experience using Zoom’s platform.

Customers can book a virtual appointment using the retailer’s website, where consultants will take them through the list of available products, acting as a ‘teleportation’ of sorts for the shopper. From there, the items are placed in a shopping cart, then triggering an SMS with the secure payment details to complete the transaction.

While this is currently in the market for retailers, it also is potentially a great tool for those in real estate, building and construction and banking services. Current retailers that are using the platform include CUE, Nike, Forever New, Jo Mercer, Dion Lee and Veronika Maine.

“Consumer behaviour is evolving at an unprecedented rate, and businesses are looking for technology partners that can provide immersive experiences, removing friction and allowing a greater connection to their brand,” shared Lee Hardham, the CEO and Founder of Brauz.  “Virtual appointments have effectively opened up retailers to a whole new suite of customers around the world who they might not have otherwise been able to reach through e-commerce alone. It also creates a safer space to shop for those who are less able to access physical retail environments, including rural Australians and people with disabilities. In essence, we’ve delivered the future of retail, quicker than anyone thought.”

The pandemic has brought forward a myriad of innovations and technology for retailers both online and in-store. One of the major investments that have come to light as a result of the pandemic is CX-related tech, as Shane Lenton, CIO and Digital Officer at CUE explained.

“Anyone in the retail industry will tell you that the pandemic has taught them a lot about the future of customer experiences and that the only way forward is digital investments,” he said. “Brauz virtual appointments via Zoom have addressed just that. It’s been an absolute game-changer for us. Our average order value increased fivefold with virtual bookings and we’re now converting 60 percent of all bookings to purchase. The numbers speak for themselves and reflect customer demand for more convenient shopping experiences via digital channels.”

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