Calvin Klein Shuts Flagship Store in Favour of Digital-First

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By Published On: January 11, 20190 Comments

PVH Corp-owned apparel manufacturer and retailer, Calvin Klein plans to re-organise its North American operations in favour of a more online-friendly business model.

Steve Shiffman, the chief executive officer of Calvin Klein has said in a statement that he intends to grow the brand to “$12 billion in global retail sales over the next few years”. To make this revenue goal a reality, and to ensure the business continues to “engage” its relevant communities, Shiffman has confirmed that Calvin Klein’s leadership team has adopted a digital-first approach.

Announcing its newly formed “Consumer Marketing Organisation (CMO)”, the brand says its focus will shift away from outdated forms of retail management and towards customer engagement and shopper experience strategies.

In the same breath, the luxury fashion brand also revealed that its flagship Madison Avenue store didn’t make the cut when re-evaluating its overall omnichannel offering, with the store set to close in spring 2019. In place of its New York City flagship, Shiffman says the company will instead evaluate options for future retail locations, while also “unveiling new consumer experiences, both online and offline”. As such, the Calvin Klein retail and e-commerce teams will reportedly become one unified team focused on developing an omnichannel approach that mirrors how consumers browse, purchase and shop today.

“These strategic initiatives will enable us to run a more modern, dynamic and effective business, as well as allow us to reinvest in the brand,” said Shiffman.

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