Caruso’s Natural Health Talks Email Marketing Strategy

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The family-owned and -operated medicinal e-tailer talks about how email automation has improved its marketing efforts tenfold.

According to Jade Hardy, Caruso’s social media manager, email marketing plays a big role in the company’s overall marketing efforts, and has for decades.

Frank Caruso established the natural health business back in 1979, and before email marketing was even a thing, Hardy says the company’s founder already had his finger on the pulse by sending handwritten personalised letters to customers.

“Years ago, when databases were almost unheard of, Frank would write personalised letters to his health food store customers and send them by mail. He would follow up on previous conversations, answer questions the customer had, notify them of a product that was back in stock and make product recommendations,” she says. “He was delivering that personalised experience that we aim to deliver today through email automation.”

Hardy also believes that email automation plays an integral role in the company’s efforts to meet growing customer expectations in both its B2C and B2B arms.

“Automation has allowed us to take all the amazing content and education we have generated over the years and funnel it through intuitive programs to the right audience.”

To achieve these goals, and continue providing the same personalised marketing approach that Caruso did all those years ago, Caruso’s Natural Health uses dotmailer’s email marketing solution.

“When we first signed up to dotmailer, we were really looking at the database management and segmentation functions. We wanted a platform that would allow us to personalise and automate our messaging to the various segments within our database and different demographics as a supplement brand with over 80 products.

“We are now able to achieve other marketing goals using the same platform, linking with our email marketing activities in a complementary fashion.”

But no matter what, Hardy maintains that the underlying goal of all of Caruso’s email marketing efforts is to “give subscribers something that is valuable to educate and equip them on their journey to better health”.

Since investing in a new email platform, Hardy says the company has noticed an improvement in its ROI. She believes this newfound success could be attributed to more than one factor, but being more mindful of best practice and having access to email features through dotmailer’s system that allows the company to experiment with new email marketing campaigns has definitely played a part.

“Another reason would be the intelligent mailing options, such as optimising the delivery of emails based on each individual’s opening behaviours, and re-mailing campaigns at a certain point post-send, should they not be opened,” she says.

“The campaigns that have been stand-out for us so far have involved integrations with our dotmailer, social media and website landing pages. We utilised the ‘triggered campaign’ option in our email system to land subscribers in their own personal email programs and as a result, engagement and follow through has been very high.”

Tips for Retailers

According to Hardy, retailers shouldn’t shy away from new technology and should take full advantage of all of the benefits of email automation if they want to get the most out of each of their campaigns.

“Think about the potential benefits of a well-mastered email marketing campaign, particularly if you operate in an omnichannel retail environment,” she says.

“Don’t be intimidated by unfamiliar software or jargon. Find a service provider who is happy to level with you, educate you and show you how to achieve your email marketing goals. The right one will make the previously uncomfortable feel comfortable and justifiable from a business stand-point.”

As parting words of wisdom, she says that email automation makes everyone’s life easier. “Once you set up, you really just fine-tune, assess and amend as necessary, which means you can move onto the next exciting level of your marketing strategy.”

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