Non-profit Profile: Good360 Seeking Online Excess

While it has been operating in the US for more than 30 years, Good360 has just launched in Australia and is seeking brands willing to give to those in need.

The concept of giving unwanted clothing and other items to charity isn’t a new one, but the recent arrival of Good360 in Australia hails a new, digital way of achieving the same end.

Good360 has existed in the US for more than 30 years, helping to move retailers’ excess stock and placing it with the right charity. They have distributed more than $7 billion in product donations since inception.

In 2012 alone, Good360 distributed almost 10,000 mattresses, 50,000 items of clothing, 1.5 million personal care products and 1.8 million books to non-profit organisations all over the world. These products would either have been deeply discounted and therefore damaging profits and brands, or dumped at a cost to business and environment (a phenomenon that few retailers often like to acknowledge).

Good360 is novel in the sense that it operates a complete inventory and logistics operation via its online platform, allowing retailers to easily integrate with their own back-end. Rather than watching potentially useful stock go to waste, brands can instead consider clearing their excess via Good360 as a means of improving brand hygiene and also claiming charitable donations via tax.

Currently, Alison Covington is seeking to set up Good360’s Australian branch. As Founder and Managing Director of its local operations, she is seeking brands looking to become a Founding Partner of Good360 – a position that has obvious benefits in terms of brand awareness and entrance into a global network of charitable organisations.

“Starting Good360 Australia is a legacy to my children and their generation,” said Covington, Director of Good360 Australia. “I envision a world for them where, like recycling, corporate product giving becomes a habit. I am thrilled to bring this innovative nonprofit to Australia in an effort to divert excess inventory from landfills and deliver much needed product to underserved communities.”

Covington describes the Good360 model as roughly analogous to eBay.

“If you consider eBay as a platform that connect those that have with those that want, then Good360 connects those than have with those that need.”

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