Teal & Tala: The Rise of the Social Media Fashion Influencer

By Katherine Gray | 16 Jul 2014

Online fashion boutique Teal & Tala combines a strong social media following with aspirational blog collaborations, alongside high profile fashion influencers to create a high performance online marketing strategy.

With well over 46,000 Instagram followers and 22,000 Facebook likes for her online fashion boutique Teal & Tala, it’s safe to say designer Parisa Arean ‘gets’ social media.

In 2014, social media has become among the most valuable marketing tool for online retailers. However, despite it’s obvious power, many businesses still fail to effectively integrate social media in the marketing mix. Brisbane online boutique Teal & Tala is a clear exception to this.

With a strong social media following, aspirational blog and in-the-works new and improved website, the local retailer has a winning online marketing strategy.

Using Instagram as a creative tool to seek new collaborative talent, communicate brand personality and to capitalise on the growing rise of the blogger, Teal & Tala is fast gaining a reputation as a fashion influencer.

Offering limited edition styles using striking and one of a kind artworks by commissioned artists, the retailer proudly boasts a 100 percent sell-through on exclusive products. Claiming online retail is the future for fast fashion, Teal & Tala founder and designer Parisa Arean has bright plans for the future.

Speaking to Power Retail, Parisa Arean shares her views on the power of social media and where she sees Teal & Tala heading.

Parisa Arean, Teal & Tala

Founder and Designer of Teal & Tala, Parisa Arean.

Teal & Tala

Website: tealandtala.com.au

Founder: Parisa Arean

Launched: 2012

How would you describe your Unique Value Proposition?

Teal & Tala provides access to desirable and wearable contemporary brands. Our differentiation is in the development of exclusive pieces created each season, using one of a kind artworks by commissioned artists. I use Instagram as a creative tool to connect and commission artists to design exclusive prints, which I use for our exclusive designs. Creating exclusive product is very important to our customers – they don’t want to wear the same clothes as everyone else. As the styles are limited and exclusive to Teal & Tala, we always achieve 100 percent sell through.

Can tell us a bit about some of the biggest changes to Teal & Tala over the past 12 months? How has your success affected how you manage the business?

The biggest change for Teal & Tala was moving away from using our suppliers ‘hero’ shots. The overall branding of Teal & Tala was being limited and lacked the freedom it needed to develop as its own brand. I now conduct weekly shoots for new styles and source models that embody who I believe the Teal & Tala girl to be.

What current trends in the industry are having an impact on your business and how do you expect this to change in the coming months?

The global rise of the fashion influencer! Bloggers are fast becoming the integral element of the fashion industry. Their opinions impact and inspire how women and men see current trends and in turn, they stimulate the market. I saw this first hand after using model of the moment and blogger Sahara Ray for a shoot last month.

Change in the retail industry is inevitable and the online retail industry is only moving onwards and upwards! Whilst online retail may never be able to replace that in-store experience for a customer, it provides convenience and the ability to keep up with changing trends. Online retail is the future for fast fashion!

Teal & Tala product shot

Teal & Tala’s exclusive Hydrangea Print Paiton Playsuit

Can you give us some insight into how you manage your customer service?

I have a 24 hour response policy at Teal & Tala. It’s very important that our customers enjoy their experience with us and we want them to be able to make their purchases as quickly and easily as possible. We are currently developing a new website that will simplify the user experience and help make purchases tailored for the individual.

What does your marketing mix look like? What have you found is the most successful marketing technique?

Social media is our most powerful marketing tool. We notice a direct influence between social media posts and sales. It can be only minutes after a post before we experience a complete sell through of that style. It’s also the most effective way to convey the Teal & Tala brand message to our customers and the broader retail community.

How do you manage your social media presence?

The way in which I market Teal & Tala is always changing to adapt to developing technologies and methods. We constantly reshape our online marketing strategies to ensurewe identify and engage with our audience and are effectively sharing our brand content. Our use of social media also reflects who I am as a person and I love that I can connect with my customer on a personal level.

Do you have any strong plans for the future of Teal & Tala? Where do you see the business heading?

As Teal & Tala grows, I hope to engage a larger audience with the use of international models and influencers, and create a strong presence in the retail industry. The growth Teal & Tala has experienced since the 2012 launch has allowed my focus to turn to re-branding and re-investing. The next year will see big changes for Teal & Tala, something I am very excited to share!

Teal & Tala exclusive print

Arean works exclusively with two different artists who create striking prints for Teal & Tala styles.

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