Catch debut unique new campaign, just ‘because’

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Australian online retailer has debuted its latest campaign, designed to put on full display the brand’s personality and encourage Australian consumers to “unashamedly embrace the thrill of online shopping”.

The campaign, built around promoting the retailer’s new ‘because’ platform, sees Catch joining forces with creative agency Sunday Gravy to remind consumers of the fun that can be had in buying the things they want – minus the guilt.

“‘because’ gives Aussies permission to shop without needing an excuse. It is an attitude so versatile [that] it can be used for every single brand proof point throughout the shopping experience,” Peita Golden, Marketing Director for, tells Power Retail, “It gives people permission to shop unapologetically. We think it is exciting because it is different and distinctive in the category but also incredibly relevant to the tensions we are all facing right now.”

“The new campaign reminds us that shopping is an emotionally charged experience – we think it is rational but there are so many emotions that make online shopping so meaningful to so many. ‘because’ lets you own those feelings. We want our customers to feel empowered when making their purchases and to embrace the emotions of anticipation and joy that follows.”

The platform’s debut sees the release of new video advertisements, each depicting unique ‘because’ moments designed to reflect the character and intentions of the new platform, with… mixed results.

Nonetheless, the involvement of local filming locations and home-grown talents in contributing to and being a part of the campaign – such as Sydney-based choir River City Voices – the advertisements reaffirm Catch’s commitment to celebrating Aussie culture and centring enjoyment at the heart of its consumers’ experiences.

“Catch of the Day was built on the FOMO element of shopping,” says Catch co-founder Gabby Leibovich, “Or as I once said in an Age article ‘We sell people shit they don’t need at prices they can’t resist’. I suppose a shorter way of saying that is – ‘because’.”

“It’s great to see Wesfarmers bringing fun back into shopping,” Leibovich continues, referencing the local conglomerate and retail giant who acquired Catch for $230 million in 2019.

The campaign and platform debuts at a particularly interesting time for e-commerce and the broader retail market, with cost of living pressures tightening Australian consumers’ budgets and turning them away from discretionary spending. Catch is quick to suggest this is not a problem for their brand, however, insisting that the spirit of ‘because’ also applies to the everyday items and essentials that Catch seeks to provide consumers at competitive prices.

“There’s no denying the rising cost of living is having a serious impact on Australians, but we’re proud to offer great value on everyday items,” says Golden, “We aren’t indicating that people need to spend beyond what they can afford – it’s about putting anyone’s ‘because’ at the forefront whether it be ‘because I need it’, or ‘because Catch has a clearance sale’.”

“The ‘because’ messaging spans across both want and need. From bulk buying dishwashing tablets, to nappies and groceries, we want to be relevant to Australians no matter what the customer need or tension is.”

The ‘because’ platform is now live across, acting to provide permission for Catch’s customers to buy anything from essentials to unnecessary (and frankly obnoxious) inflatable swans – all ‘because’.

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