Catch Group and Kogan Locked in Legal Dispute

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Catch Group and Kogan are going head-to-head in a legal dispute over alleged trademark infringements on Google AdWords.

Online retailer, Catch Group has accused Kogan of violating its ‘catch’ trademarks, by using sponsored links containing the word ‘catch’ to drive extra traffic to its site through Google AdWords.

In response to this activity, Catch has lodged an intellectual property dispute with the federal court, claiming Kogan has used the Catch name to promote its own products, which are not affiliated with the Catch Group in any way.

In February this year, Catch released Catch Connect, a wholly owned telco on the Optus 4G network. According to the business, Kogan starting using sponsored links containing its trademark language at around the same time.

A statement issued by Catch Group’s legal team, the online retailer claims Kogan has used a sponsored domain to drive traffic to its website. According to Catch, Kogan has also registered domain names under and, running misleading ads that imply the associated Kogan products are part of the Catch Group brand.

According to Catch, Kogan has violated the Australian Consumer Law for misrepresenting the products it’s been selling, and implying a link between the two businesses and their services.

“The Google sponsored links representations are false because none of the Kogan Catch mobile products or services or is provided by, or with the licence or authority of, Catch Group, affiliated with Catch Group, or sponsored or approved by Catch Group,” Catch officials have said in a statement.

Catch is reportedly seeking to stop Kogan from using anything the business considers to infringe its intellectual property rights, including the domains in question.

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