Catch Marketplace Celebrates its First Birthday

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It's been 12-months since Catch of the Day rebranded as Catch Marketplace. To celebrate, the e-commerce giant is holding a VIP sale that's expected to rival the likes of Amazon's EOFY sale.

In June 2017, established pure-play retailer, Catch of the Day rebranded to, alongside the launch of its new online marketplace. Now, the e-tailer is celebrating its first birthday, with a site-wide VIP shopping event that went live on Wednesday morning.

Consumers will reportedly be able to access big savings on popular brands such as Pumpkin Patch, Tony Bianco, Nintendo, and Catch owned, Catch Connect.

One Year of

When Catch Group’s founder, Gabby Leibovich first announced the company’s re-brand, he said the site would host as many as 300 sites, including Speedo, North Face and ASUS.

“We are launching it (Catch Marketplace) today and I’m certain that by the end of today, with all the media that we are going through, we will have hundreds of sellers interested in joining the marketplace,” Leibovich told Power Retail on launch day.

Now, 12-months in, the marketplace reportedly hosts more than 1,000 sellers with in excess of 1.2 million online deals.

Leibovich sits down with Power Retail to talk about the challenges, successes and what impact Amazon has had on the business over the past 12-months.

How has Catch’s marketplace evolved over the past 12-months?

“Our decision to launch a side-by-side curated marketplace 12 months ago was a masterstroke. My only regret is that we didn’t do it a year earlier. As you can imagine there was very little revenue in the initial months, so to be in a situation now that our marketplace is generating in excess of $2m every week, and still growing week on week is just incredible.

“We made two really smart decisions at launch that are now bearing fruits. Firstly, to insist on keeping the Catch DNA intact and only invite sellers with unbelievable deals, great brands and fast shipping. Secondly, we realised that our core competency is our 40,000 products that sit in our automated warehouse, this is our differentiator from Amazon, Myer and anyone else out there. We had to find the right mix of Catch deals and marketplace’s wide range long term offering.

“Today one in four dollars is generated by our marketplace sellers and there are over 1,000 of them bringing in around 1.1 million new products.

“An example of the curation we have been doing include the Outlet, where we have effectively launched an online Factory Outlet to showcase all the fashion and quality brands that have partnered with us to sell their discount and off-price lines through the marketplace, with a direct integration from their fulfillment systems to their own Outlet storefront on Catch. We have countless integrations with top brands such as Lorna Jane, Jeanswest, and Sportscraft, offering outlet deals.”

What challenges has the business faced?

“This last financial year was a very exciting one in our ever-evolving story. Firstly we rebranded from Catch Of The Day to, and I’m pleased to say that we are incredibly happy with the results. In December we divested our interests in Scoopon and travel and merged them with The Lux Group. That team now operates from the Lux offices in South Melbourne. This has given us the freedom to concentrate on what we do best.”

 What lessons has the business learned over the past 12-months?

“Concentrate on your core strengths, or in other words stick to what you know best and keep improving on it. It will pay back in the long run.”

What sort of consumer trends have you seen emerge over the past 12-months? 

“Lots of retailers shutting business is an obvious one as competition ramps up from both local and international players. Also, consumers continue to shift to mobile, and our shopping app is now one of our largest shopping channels.

“Consumers are getting smarter and more digitally savvy, and with social media, hot new trends and products can spread fast. This means having the best and latest hot products at the best prices deals is more important than ever.”

What impact do you think Amazon Australia, in particular, the launch of Amazon Prime will have on Catch? 

“Amazon launched in December 2017. Some people out there claim that all boats rise, but I tend to disagree and you can see that in the Aussie market today – not all retailers have risen. I am also very happy to say that has experienced massive growth circa 50% yoy since January this year. Amazon is certainly bringing more customers to the online arena, and as a matter of fact, we have added around 400,000 new unique customers this year already to bring us to over 1,000,000 active customers for this financial year.

“We believe that Catch sits in a category of its own when it comes to the retail market, we are a mix of unmatchable in stock deals, a super exciting marketplace with a fun edge based on surprising and delighting our members. It seems to be working very well for us.”

What are Catch’s plans for the future?

“This year we launched Catch Connect, our first foray into the mobile telephony market, in cooperation with Optus. It is only three months old but the results have been great. In the last three months we have also launched our Catch site in New Zealand, and again we are very happy with our launch so far. We will keep eyes open for more opportunities.”

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