Catch Group Growth: CatchOfTheDay Launches in New Zealand

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Catch of the Day has been reborn, launching in New Zealand today as part of a wider growth strategy. Is a New Zealand Catch marketplace platform next?

Catch Group has today announced its expansion to New Zealand with the launch of The Catch Group already has an established presence in NZ. In 2017 it acquired the struggling Pumpkin Patch brand, relaunching it online and is also currently trading on New Zealand’s popular Trade Me marketplace.

“Expanding into New Zealand is a logical extension for Catch,” said Nati Harpaz, CEO Catch Group. “We already have a good customer base through our online store on TradeMe and now, we look forward to offering New Zealand customers a richer shopping experience with a dedicated online store offering the amazing deals Catch is known for, coupled with fast shipping and a huge catalogue of products.”

Catch of the Day NZ

In Australia, Catch of the Day rebranded to last year, relaunching as a third-party marketplace. It has grown its offering to over 1.1M SKUs, with over 1,000 sellers now on the platform. So, will evolving to a marketplace be the next step for the New Zealand site? “We don’t know,” Founder Gabby Leibovich tells Power Retail. “We’re starting small…Truly nothing stops us from attaching New Zealand third parties and relaunching the marketplace. It’s about a watch and learn kind of attitude. Logic says that we probably will launch a marketplace in New Zealand.”

When pressed for a timeline on this growth strategy, Leibovich emphasises that right now it’s all about focusing on Catch of the Day entering the NZ market. “Catch of the Day is my baby, I’m proud of it and it’s been going on for 12 years. People do recognise the brand and they love it,” he tells us.

The NZ site will have around 30,000 products on offer across categories such as fashion, homewares, sporting goods, cosmetics, toys and more which will be shipped from the Australian warehouse. Brands include ASICS, Adidas, Birkenstock, NARS, Benefit, Maybelline, Nintendo and SONY.

“We’re doing what we do well here. Great deals, great products, we’re just offering it to a wider audience. Relying on our great distribution channels and great buying channels to be able to offer the same great deals to a bigger audience,” says Leibovich. Shipping to New Zealand is with DHL, with the average shipping price NZD$9.95.

Why now for the NZ launch? “We should have launched in New Zealand on day one,” Leibovich tell us. “Or year five. Why didn’t we? We’re always busy doing something else. I think it was a silly decision not to launch years ago. But as they say with a tree…the best time to plant a tree was 12 years ago. The next best time is today.”

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