Cheers! Are You Catering to the Drunk Shopper Demographic?

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Ever had a burning desire to buy dog-food online after a few beers, even if you don't own a dog? You're not alone! The drunk shopping stats are in.

Recent research has found that ‘drunk shopping’ is an estimated $45 billion per annum industry in the US. It’s unknown whether the idea for the survey came about when the researchers may have been slightly tipsy themselves?

Luckily, my only late night, post-a-few-too-many-red-wine purchases were an excessive book binge. My (surprisingly) well-chosen lit picks arrived a week later, much to my delight and with no-harm done. But it seems surprise purchases are not an uncommon occurrence when alcohol is involved.

The survey, of more than 2,000 alcohol-consuming American adults, found that 79 percent of alcohol consumers have made at least one drunk purchase, with an average (inebriated) yearly spend of $444 per shopper. The most common purchase is clothing or shoes and Amazon is the platform of choice.

While the data is by no means conclusive, it does give an interesting insight into impulse purchase behaviour. There is no difference between beverage of choice and drunk shopping, with wine, beer and spirits all equally likely to lead to an ‘add to basket’ click. Women (80 percent) are only slightly more likely than men (78 percent) to drunk shop. Millennials drunk shop more than baby boomers by 13 percent. There is also a correlation between the average number of drinks consumed per week and a consumer’s propensity to drunk shop (the average non-drunk shopper drinks five drinks per week while those who drink and shop consume 10 drinks per week on average).

Drunk shoppers freely admit that e-commerce has amplified their drunk shopping habits, but only 20 percent choose to return their drunk purchases and only 6 percent feel regret once they’re sober!

While the study was far from conducted in the name of deep-dive, strategic e-commerce research, it does actually highlight a few key takeaways. With the rise of mobile, consumers now shop any time, anywhere, whenever the impulse strikes. And that time may be 2am. In an Uber. With an impulse for great literature and cookbooks. What of it?

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