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Powered by Marketplacer, the pharmacy megastore intends to grow its ecommerce channel with a marketplace update.

Chemist Warehouse has launched a new marketplace in collaboration with Marketplacer. “The marketplace provides our customers with access to an even larger portfolio of products and creates new opportunities for our suppliers, as they’ll be able to expand on their current in-store product lines,” said Nick Blatt, Head of Ecommerce & Digital Customer Experience.

No longer constrained to physical shelf space, Chemist Warehouse’s catalogue is set to expand. “For new suppliers, we now have an opportunity to support brands that may not have conventionally been in a position to be stocked and shelved in our stores,” said Blatt.

The website doesn’t look too different at first glance, and this was an intentional move. Chemist Warehouse has worked with Marketplacer to retrofit the marketplace infrastructure into the existing ecommerce framework and technology stack. “While this created challenges, it was the most suitable strategy for our intentions,” said Blatt. “Not only was it important to understand how every main area of Chemist Warehouse operated, but also all the associated processes and workflows. Marketplacer has worked very closely with us for the past 12 months and the results of this effort are now live for our customers.”

The pharmacy megastore has more than 450 physical stores across Australia and New Zealand. In the past financial year, it managed to bring in a gross profit of over $1.07 billion last financial year with a total revenue of over $3.07 billion. This nearly doubled last year’s earnings, a profit of $670 million, with a total revenue of $2.42 billion. In 2021, the Chemist Warehouse online store ranked 9th in the Power Retail Top 100.

“Now, with an unlimited digital shelf space, we open a whole new opportunity for our ecommerce channel to grow. With the agility of our digital channel, we can learn and develop quickly and grow as a whole business,” said Blatt.

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About the Author: Rosalea Catterson

Rosalea is the Editor of Power Retail. With a keen interest in consumer behaviour and tech, she covers everything ecommerce and hosts the Power Retail Power Talks Podcast.

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  1. Priya Kaul May 3, 2023 at 6:38 PM - Reply

    Hi CW,
    I have a some products that I would like to introduce to the market via chemist warehouse. How do I go about it as a supplier
    Thanks & Regards,

  2. Matt October 17, 2023 at 4:42 PM - Reply

    Hi Priya,

    You should also list your products on BuyNatural Marketplace!

    To get started, please visit our website and look for the “Sell on BuyNatural” section. There, you should find detailed information on how to apply and the requirements for becoming a seller. It’s free to have a store.

    If you have any specific questions or need assistance along the way, feel free to reach out to our support team. We’re here to support you in bringing your products to our platform and connecting with our customers.

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