Click & Collect is Declining in Popularity, but Don’t Give Up On it Yet

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By Published On: April 17, 20240 Comments

Power Retail asked consumers about their changing attitudes toward Click & Collect and found out what retailers need to do to meet evolving consumer expectations.

With Click & Collect options no longer the necessity they were when they emerged due to Covid restrictions, is it worthwhile keeping it as a delivery option?

Power Retail surveyed over 1,000 online shoppers to find out exactly how consumer behaviour is changing. We took a deep dive into Click & Collect trends, asking shoppers how they use Click & Collect, why, and what retailers need to do to meet evolving consumer expectations. 

Click & Collect has seen a consistent decline since 2022. In 2022, 72 percent of consumers responded that they had used it in the past 12 months, and in 2024, this usage has declined by nine percentage points down to 63 percent. 

Despite this, it should be noted that still nearly two thirds of shoppers have used Click & Collect in the last year. 

Most of these shoppers (52 percent) do so because its often a cheaper option than delivery. 

Interestingly, when asked why these shoppers preferred Click & Collect over delivery in previous years, they identified that it was the faster option compared to delivery. In 2024, only 45 percent of shoppers have this opinion, compared to 52 percent back in 2022. 

Faster delivery options may be the main reason why Click & Collect is declining in popularity. 

Its not just our data showing a preference for quick delivery. Australia Post recently released its 2024 Inside Australian Online Shopping Ecommerce Industry Report which found online shopping is more popular than ever. 9.5 million households shopped online in the past year, and approximately 1 in 7 Australian households made weekly online purchases. Interestingly, Australia Post found that faster delivery options is such an enticing perk, it encourages shoppers to switch retailers, especially younger shoppers. Sixty-seven percent of Gen Z shoppers are willing to switch retailers for a faster delivery option, a sentiment echoed by Millennials (57 percent.)

No matter the age of your shopper, the consensus is that convenience is key. Power Retail found that 47 percent of shoppers prefer Click & Collect over other delivery options for its convenience. 

Thirty-five percent of customers want their Click & Collect order ready in less than three  hours, while another 43 percent prefer to collect their order by the next day. Essentially, 78 percent of consumers want their Click & Collect to be ready to collect within 24 hours

With evolving consumer expectations its more important than ever to offer a wide array of delivery options. While Click & Collect appears to be losing favour, its still important to note that 23 percent of shoppers have abandoned online purchases because they didn’t have a Click & Collect option. Understanding that your customer has individual preferences and needs is key, and catering to that by continuing to expand on and refine your delivery options is a key strategy to get ahead of the competition. 

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Rosalea is the Editor of Power Retail. With a keen interest in consumer behaviour and tech, she covers everything ecommerce and hosts the Power Retail Power Talks Podcast.

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