Click Frenzy’s Two New Events Help Share the Love for Online Shopping

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Following the record-breaking success of Click Frenzy Mayhem this year, the powerhouse behind Australia's online shopping event is launching two new events.

As e-commerce continues to boom, Aussies are embracing the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their home. Click Frenzy is launching not one, but two new events in response to this massive response to the online boom.

The first of the two events is Julove, the second is Click Frenzy Sports, which will run in July and August, respectively.

What is Julove?

What is Julove? It’s an all-category shopping event that aims to spread the love for Australian retailers during tough times. “Everybody needs a bit of Julove right now, and we’re giving retailers and consumers a much-needed lift next week,” said Grant Arnott, the Co-Founder of Click Frenzy.

“For a new event, the buy-in has been significant and our audience is growing, so it’s looking bigger than we expected.”

Victoria’s new-founded lockdown has hit the state hard, especially for businesses. With the tensions rising for other states like New South Wales, the popularity of online shopping is set to rocket.

This is more than just a sales event – Click Frenzy will continue its Let’s Regrow initiative. Same as the Mayhem event, Click Frenzy will offer retailers the opportunity to take up a $1000 advertising voucher for signing up to the platform. You can find out more about the event here.

The second event that Click Frenzy will be hosting is its inaugural Sports event, which will take place on August 20.

What is Click Frenzy Sports?

The sports industry is particularly struggling as a result of the pandemic, so Click Frenzy is launching its event to help support the fans of Aussie sports and fitness.

The sales event gives these sports fans access to merchandise, sports apparel, footwear, fitness equipment and digital subscriptions. Moreover, the event aims to provide a ‘huge boost’ to the community sporting clubs across Australia.

“Click Frenzy Sports is a departure from our regular Click Frenzy playbook,” Arnott told Power Retail. “We’re hugely excited about this project, it is going to be massive and will also do some great things for community sport in what has been a terrible year.”

Find out more details about the debut of Click Frenzy Sports by clicking here.

Click Frenzy Julove will take place on July 21st at 7:00 PM and will run for a whopping 53 hours. Click Frenzy Sports will run from Thursday, August 20th at 7:00 PM and will run until at 11:59 PM on Sunday, 23rd August. You can find out more information about the two new events by checking out the Click Frenzy website.

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